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Shark teeth, Edoardo Pesce: “My character is the sick society that tells you it’s a shark”

Shark teeth, Edoardo Pesce: "My character is the sick society that tells you it's a shark"

Interview with Edoardo Pesce and Davide Gentile, actor and director of Shark Teeth, the story of the elaboration of a mourning and the discovery of freedom. In the hall.

Shark teeth, Edoardo Pesce: 'My character is the sick society that tells you it's a shark'

My last name is Fish, so I can’t be afraid. I’ve always had a great relationship with water. My father threw me in the pool when I was two and a half years old“. Edward Fish he jokes when we tell him that the fear of coming face to face with a shark the first time you dive into the sea (and even into the pool, if you’re small!) is one of the first you feel. That’s exactly what happens in Shark teeth to Walter (newcomer Tiziano Menichelli), who unexpectedly meets one in the villa of a criminal.

Shark Teeth 4

Shark Teeth: A still from the film

In theaters from June 8th, Shark teeth is the film debut of David Gentile. To produce is Gabriele Mainetti, director of Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot e Freaks Outwith her Gone Movieswith Lucky Red. Fish plays the role of Crosaro, owner of the pool where the shark is. One of his lines is: “A shark that’s no longer scary has stopped being a shark“. All the protagonists wonder whether or not they identify with that type of animal.

I see it as a metaphor for what today’s society, which is very performative and requires more and more speed, is cynicism. Walter doesn’t hug her, he prefers to keep pace with her. His innocence is just the opposite of the role I play. I represent the sick society that tells you you’re a shark. But the film demonstrates that it is possible to live well, indeed better, without being predators”.

Shark teeth: interview with Edoardo Pesce and Davide Gentile

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Shark Teeth: Getting Big

Shark Teeth 1

Shark Teeth: a frame from the film

Shark teeth closes with one song by Edoardo Bennato, When you’ll grow up. In the film all the protagonists mature, even those who have already grown up. “You mature, you become aware and that is certainly a growth step that makes you feel bigger” the director tells us, continuing: “Perhaps in this film I felt more of a child than I already am in my private life. And honestly I don’t even mind this levity and freedom that I give myself even a little bit of a child“.