Joseph Fiennes: ‘Playing Michael Jackson was a mistake’

Actor Joseph Fiennes has revealed that among his regrets is accepting the role of Michael Jackson in an episode of Urban Myths.

Joseph Fiennes: 'Playing Michael Jackson was a mistake'

Joseph Fiennes has revealed that he regrets the choice to interpret Michael Jackson in an episode of Urban Myths.
The installment of the project, after the controversy that erupted when a trailer revealed the casting, has never aired despite having been announced to air in 2017.

A project that has aroused much controversy

The episode of Urban Myths was supposed to show Michael Jackson, played by Joseph Fiennes, as he goes on a road trip together with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, played by Brian Cox and Stockard Channing.

The British actor has now explained: “I think people are absolutely right to be upset. And it was the wrong decision. Absolutely. And I’m a part of that: there are the producers, the broadcasters, the writers, the directors, all involved in these seasons.“.
Fiennes reiterated: “But of course I’m on the front line, I’ve become other people’s voice“.
The actor wanted to emphasize: “You have to remember that it came at a time when there was movement and change, and it was good. But it was a wrong choice. A bad mistake“.

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Sky, at the time, explained that it had decided not to broadcast the episode titled Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon after concerns expressed by members of Michael Jackson’s family: “We wanted a light-hearted approach to seemingly true events and never meant to offend anyone“.
Paris Jackson tweeted: “It honestly makes me want to throw up“.

Fiennes then admitted: “I must admit that I asked the broadcaster not to broadcast it, but in the end people made the right choice“.

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