Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo on ‘pick me girl’: «Do you at least know who invented it?»

Grey’s Anatomy would invent the ‘pick me girl’? It could be, at least second Ellen Pompeo, who was the undisputed star of the show for nineteen seasons. The show is known to be tagged Shonda Rhimes is one of the longest-lasting medical dramas on television, which unfortunately, however, precisely because of its longevity over time has come to create quite a few plot holes, some more obvious than others. Despite this, he was also able, and often still is, to give away to the public unforgettable phrases and monologues, last but not least the one cited by the historic interpreter of Meredith Grey, just recently. Another thing for which Grey’s Anatomy has been able to be remembered by the public over the years, beyond the misfortunes that regularly strike the Seattle Greys, revealing, at a certain point, one more unrealistic than the other, are the sentimental relationships that have been created during the show: Meredith e Derek, Callie e Arizona, April e Jackson but most of all, Lexie e Mark, whose story will live forever in our memories.

But what unites Grey’s Anatomy and ‘pick me girl’? There was recently a highly anticipated reunion, which starred none other than Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Gray on the show) and Katherine Heigl (Isobel Stevens on the show). And among the various topics covered, there was also talk of a rather famous scene.

Let’s try to clarify things a bit, starting from the very beginning. What exactly does it mean ‘pick me girl’? The term began to be used a lot on TikTok, and is used, more often than not, to define those girls whose goal, with their attitudes, is to attract the attention of boys by emphasizing all the ways in which their way of behaving distinguishes itself from other women and from more conventional female interests. At the same time, moreover, the ‘pick me girls’ would tend to see other women as opponents and not as friends, pointing out how instead their attitude, therefore geared more towards anti-femininity, would make them different to the male eye and, at the same time, more attractive.

This is the meaning of the term as it is used by today’s generations, but perhaps the truth is that not everyone knows that it has already been used often in the past and that it originates from the world of TV series. They were their own to withdraw the topic Ellen Pompeo e Katherine Heigl, during one reunion which saw them as protagonists. An interview organized by Variety in fact, he saw the two actresses meet, who would have maintained a good relationship off the set. During this meeting, the two addressed many topics, ranging from their current projects to their debuts on the Shonda Rhimes show, even talking about the fans and some iconic scenes.

Among these, the famous one stands out “Take me, choose me, love me” which sees Meredith Gray come out to Derek Shepherd. A joke that, however, in the original language, sounds like “Pick me, choose me, love me”.I’m sure, at least as far as you’re concerned, that people are always reciting lines from your dialogue to you” Katherine Heigl began to get into the subject. “Okay, this is something I see happening: My daughter and her friends sit around with each other and occasionally come up with an ‘Oh, she’s a pick me girl!’ And then I ask ‘What is a pick me girl?’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, you know, one of those girls who’s like, ‘Pick me, pick me!’. And then I’m like ‘Ready? Do you at least know who invented this term?’ ” said Ellen Pompeo, reporting her experience outside of Grey’s Anatomy. And shortly after she added: “I don’t know if you remember how hard I fought for that monologue. That’s another interesting thing, there’s a lot of things I was against on the show, and in this case I was like, ‘I can’t beg a man on television, that’s embarrassing!’ and it ended up being one of the most famous scenes ever.”

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