Amici 22, Cricca freezes fans on Isobel Kinnear: “Big mistake…”

On the occasion of the concert in Rome, Full Out Amici, some of the students performed and answered some questions. Here’s what Cricca revealed about Isobel Kinnear!

Yesterday, June 11, it was held in Rome Amici Full Outan event with all the alumni of this edition of the talent of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippiwhere some of the guys from Amici they performed and then answered some questions from the audience.

Friends 22, Clique on love for Isobel Kinnear: ‘A big mistake’

Among the various students who performed, there was the winner of this twenty-second edition, Mattia Zenzolawith Magdalene Svevi, Blessed Vari, little g, Federica Andreani, Alessio Cavaliere, Wax e Angelina Mango. Leading the event were two exceptional alumni: Julia Stable e Isobel Kinnearflanked by the correspondent of Le Iene Nicolò De Devitius.

Right up Isobel, Click – with whom the Australian dancer had a brief fling at school – said something that caused some amazement among fans. In fact, the two parted on good terms, but the singer from Romagna never hid that he was still in love with his adventure companion: in fact, when he was eliminated from the program, he declared that he loved all his companions, but for Isobel he admitted that he still feels love. Also during the interviews after the final on 14 May, Click he said he was still interested that he would hope for a second chance. In reverse, Isobelwhile admitting that Cricca was a golden boystated that she wasn’t interested in pursuing a romantic relationship right now, but would still leave a door open.

However, yesterday, during the interviews with former students, Clicca surprised fans with a sentence they didn’t expect: when, in fact, he was asked if he had fallen in love with someone in the house, the singer didn’t hesitate to pronounce the name of the dancer, but he also added something that didn’t seem like a joke at all, despite those present stating that the tone of the boy was somewhat joking:

“Yes, I’m in love with Isobel. Big Mistake!”

The concert of Amici will be broadcast on TVto be precise, we will be able to see the students on Tuesday 20 June on Italia1 at 21.20.

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