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5 things we expect (and hope) to see in the second season of The Bear

The Bear – Arriva il trailer ufficiale della seconda stagione: eccolo

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first season of The Bear

Among the most anticipated returns of this 2023 there is certainly that of The Bear, one of last year’s great revelations, ready to return with a second season full of expectations. There are two dates to keep in mind for the return of the TV series with Jeremy Allen White: the June 22ndwhen the new season launches in the US, and then the August 16th, release date instead in Italy, on Disney+, of the new episodes. There is little left, therefore, to review The Bear, very little in America, a little more from us, but in any case the wait is clearly skyrocketing and it’s time to start taking a look at the new chapter, perhaps drawing up a list of expectations and desires that we hope Hulu can satisfy.

If the first season of The Bear it was a real bolt from the blue, for the second the stakes rise and it is logical to start making claims for a series that gave us so much last year. The hype was then increased by the presence of Bob Odenkirk as a guest star of the second season and from here we start with the list of five things we hope, and ultimately we expect, to see in the new episodes of The Bear.

The role of Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul (640×360)

Let’s start, therefore, from the great novelty of the second season, or the presence of an absolute superstar like Bob Odenkirk. The announcement of the presence of the star of Better Call Saul in the second season of The Bear has clearly sent fans into raptures, but few details have been released about his role, other than that he won’t be of central importance. Impossible, however, to think that such a star would be relegated to a simple man cameo marginal so, even if with a limited scope, we expect the character of Bob Odenkirk to have an important role in the plot.

In fact, even a simple cameo can have gods implications significant, perhaps directing the plot towards some consequence or change, or recalling some event from the past. Therefore, we don’t expect a marginal role from an actor like Bob Odenkirk, at least not from a conceptual point of view. His appearance on stage can also be restricted in terms of time, but even so it can be decisive and we sincerely hope that in some way it is, although at the moment it is difficult to say how. Anyway, the focus on the presence of the legendary Saul Goodman in the second season of The Bear it is certainly very high.

Carmy and Sidney’s relationship

The Bear
Sidney e Carmy (640×360)

Leaving aside the news, let’s talk about a great theme of the first season, which we expect to see still dominant in the second season. The relationship between Carmy e Sidney in the first chapter of The Bear it was very intense and multifaceted, made of great esteem, but also of violent outbursts. The two may have struggled to find a balance, thanks to personal torments, but they have woven a very close bond, which in the second season we expect to be thorough.

Many fans have clamored for something more to be born between Sidney and Carmy from a sentimental point of view, but this scenario was promptly nipped several times, however we do not expect an evolution in this sense of the relationship between them, but simply a further development, which also ends up affecting the characterization of both characters. One of the great advantages of The Bear was the ability to delineate human and professional relationships in an extremely vivid way, for which we expect this care to be maintained in the second season, with a particular focus on Carmy and Sidney whose relationship, ultimately, affects the balance of the whole kitchen.

New protagonists of The Bear

The Bear
Marcus, one of the faces of the first season of The Bear (640×360)

As widely reported, the big news in the second season of The Bear will be the presence of Bob Odenkirk, but we also expect something more in terms of new faces. In the finale of the first season we saw how, following the sensational discovery of the money in tomato jars, Carmy managed not only to save the restaurant, but also to modernize it, completely restarting the business. Following this move, we therefore expect a breakthrough by the restaurant and, consequently, new faces in the kitchen.

To run a bigger and more ambitious enterprise, more resources are also needed, so we expect to see new presences in the kitchen, which can help trigger new dynamics in the story. In the first season we saw how characters such as Tina or Marcus were important in moving the plot forward, certainly resulting in secondary elements, but definitely not marginal. In The Bear 2, therefore, we expect some news in this sense, perhaps some new arrivals in the kitchen that bring a contribution narrative and which helps to feed that rich descriptive framework of interpersonal relationships that the series has been carrying on since its very first episode.

A new kitchen

Best Sequence Shots, The Bear (640x427)
Carmy (640×427)

Closely connected to the previous paragraph is also this new one, which however focuses on a different point of view. At the center is once again that renovation which closed the first season and which will certainly bring some great news in view of the second. We are used to seeing in The Bear a focus on a restaurant in difficulty, with all the problems that follow, but now the narrative changes, because at the center of the story there is a new business, with potential completely new and with completely different implications.

We expect, therefore, to see in the second season of The Bear a new point of view on cooking. If in the first season the theme was being able to keep the boat afloat, as they say, now we need to understand how to keep it sailing. Also an healthy restaurant obviously has its problems and above all it has its rhythms, its peculiarities and its own characteristics and these are all novelties to be explored in the new chapter of The Bear, so as to return one different look on the world of cooking, but always with the great realism of the first season.

A retrospective on the first season of The Bear

The Bear
Richie (640×360)

Let’s go back for a moment to that great transitional passage with which the first chapter of the series distributed in Italy by Disney+ concludes. As we have seen, Carmy finds the money in the tomato jars and thus from a turning point to the future of the restaurant, but there are many questions surrounding that money. How did those bills end up in the boxes? How did he put them there Michael? And above all why did Carmy’s brother accumulate such a sum and hid it in such a cryptical way, building a puzzle that clearly only those who belonged to the family could solve?

The hope is that all these questions will be answered during the second season of The Bear. A retrospective on what we’ve seen at the end of the last few episodes would be very important, maybe even some revelation more about Michael’s past, around which the mystery still lingers. As we have seen, there are different things that we want and hope to see in the second season of The Bear: now the wait is winding down and we will finally find out if our curiosity will be satisfied and above all if the series on Disney + will be able to maintain the expectations which, at this point, are very high.