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Men and Women, Nicole Santinelli’s dig at Carlo Alberto Mancini and Andrea Foriglio?

Men and Women, Nicole Santinelli's dig at Carlo Alberto Mancini and Andrea Foriglio?

After the end of her story with the suitor of Men and Women, the tronista Nicole Santinelli answered some questions from fans about Ig. Here’s what she said.

After the end of her affair with the suitor of Men and womenthe dating show of Canale5 conducted by Maria De Filippi, Nicole Santinelli she returned to tell her story on social media, answering questions from her followers.

Men and women, Nicole Santinelli throws a dig at Carlo Alberto and Andrea?

At the end of May, through a live broadcast on social networks, Carlo Alberto Mancini had announced that the story with the tronista Nicole Santinelli it was over: the methods of the announcement had sparked various controversies and numerous faces of the dating show had sided against or in favor of the tronista, while arrows flew with the historic rival Roberta Di Padua and there were rumors of an understanding with the non-chosen one Andrew Foriglio.

In an interview, Nicole had specified that it was not his intention to look for Andrea and that as sorry as she was she had made the right decision by leaving Charles Albert and that she hadn’t expected him to share the news of the end of their story, without discussing it with her first. Yesterday, the former tronista returned to talk on social media, answering questions from some of her fans and among her responses, many of her have glimpsed digs at her former suitors. When asked how he was, for example, Nicole he replied, with a reference, perhaps, to ad Andrew Foriglio:

“Serena. If I was missing something, I’d go get it.”

But also for Charles Albert the digs don’t seem to have been spared: among the characteristics of her ideal man, Nicole added the adjective “Sincere” and many fans thought that he was referring to his choice, above all, because in some statements, Nicole she’d implied that there had been sides she hadn’t appreciated about him.

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