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Isola dei Famosi, Cecchi Paone without brakes: “Nobody can accuse me of telling half-truths, here’s who disappointed me”

Isola dei Famosi, Cecchi Paone without brakes: "Nobody can accuse me of telling half-truths, here's who disappointed me"

Alessandro Cecchi Paone freewheeling on his experience at L’Isola dei Famosi.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone was one of the undisputed protagonists of the latest edition of The Island of the Famouswhich will end on 19 June 2023. Interviewed by Superguidatv, the well-known journalist spoke of his experience in Honduras shared with his partner Simone Antonini and revealed his thoughts on some shipwrecked.

The whole truth of Alessandro Cecchi Paone

Alessandro Cecchi Paone released a new interview to Superguidatv in which he recalled his last experience at The Island of the Famous. Experience that has seen him several times protagonist of heated discussions and comparisons. About the live clash with Ilary Blasi due to the regulation:

For me, rules are fundamental. With Ilary, however, there was a big misunderstanding. I hadn’t been invited to participate alone from the Island of the Famous. In September I was invited by Mediaset directly to take part in the reality show together with Simone. I accepted, clarifying immediately that we would go in and out together. Then, during the episode, when I was informed that we would have had to separate, I opposed it because those were not the agreements. Simone was also in the hospital and I didn’t feel like abandoning him…

I always take very clear-cut positions and in a world where no one tells the truth, that’s a good thing. No one can accuse me of being ambiguous or of telling half-truths (…) The fact that for the first time a gay couple participated in the reality show was proof of modernity considering the times we are living in. For this reason I withdrew when the intention of wanting to separate was communicated to me.

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The former wreck of The Island of the Famous he then went on to reveal his thoughts on the castaways still in the game. Cecchi Paone has reserved words of esteem and affection towards Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoliclarified its position vis-à-vis Nathaly Caldonazzo and criticized Cristina Scuccia:

The couple formed by Paolo Noise and Marco Mazzoli turned out to be a nice surprise. At the beginning considering that the program they lead on R105 is not very politically correct I expected that we would have some violent clashes. Instead I changed my mind. A beautiful friendship was born between us, both on and off the island. It is then something that almost never happens because generally after sharing these experiences everyone goes his way. Nathaly? He is not a nice person. He repeatedly tried to push Simone and me away without realizing that he was making a huge mistake. She thought Simone was an easily suggestible kid and because of this she tried to turn him against me. As soon as I understood her intentions, I chastised her. For this reason I called her a fishmonger. Anyway, I later apologized to the fishwives of Italy for comparing them to Nathaly Caldonazzo…

Cristina Scuccia instead was a disappointment. Being a layman, I was intrigued by her journey as a religious that after fifteen years she chose to leave the convent by renouncing her vows. I wanted to have an exchange with her from a theological point of view but I found myself facing a wall.

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