Succession: Kieran Culkin’s statements make the ending even darker

Lo show Succession hit a ratings record with its recent series finale (you can find it available on streaming platform Now Tv), which finally wrapped up the sibling saga Roy and their vain attempt to follow in their father’s footsteps Logan, media mogul. Viewers have since debated which brother won, though all three were left in a very dark place at the end of the series. Probably, none of the protagonists reached the level of Roman Of Kieran Culkin, which was ruled out completely after the sale of Waystar Royco to Lukas Matsson and now he will have to face a future of apparent isolation.

As bleak as the Succession series finale already looked to viewers, Roman’s fate looks even more bleak in light of Culkin’s new statement

Speaking on Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Kieran Culkin outlined the darkness that Roman he will have to face in a world where he has nothing left to fight for and brothers to fight with:

“I think he not only genuinely loves his family, but needs them. Now that it’s all over and he’s out, and they’re all out of the loop: when will he see them again? Who does he have? He has no one. That’s all. And the brothers are out there somewhere. And it’s not like they’re going to get together for a beer. He’s very lonely. Have you ever seen Roman with a friend?”

If there is a brother Roy which can be said to have come out into the open at least at the end of Succession And Shiv Of Sarah Snookwho was last seen getting into an SUV with new Waystar CEO Royco, Tom, and can look forward to a future of manipulation to exert its power over business. Since at the end of the series Tom e Shiv weren’t exactly ideally placed in their marriage, it’s questionable whether they’ll ever carve out true happiness while the woman awaits the birth of her child.

Kendall Roy Of Jeremy Strong was most affected by the board vote that led to the acquisition of Waystar Royco by Lukas Matsson: Lost the CEO job he thought he’d finally won, found himself backstabbed by his sister, and faced a future with no power to fight for. Although at the end of Succession, Kendall had a suicidal attitude, the character has always shown the ability to recover and it is likely that from some point onwards he will be able to play a new game to gain influence at Waystar Royco.

Roman is probably in a worse situation than his brother at the end of Succession, as he seems to have no emotional support now that he and the brothers’ quest for power has come to an end. The thought that he doesn’t have a friend in the world, with the end of his strange relationship with waist, makes the character quite compassionate, even if his actions over the course of the series have been largely despicable. Perhaps, from a certain point on, the creator Jesse Armstrong will have the opportunity to review Succession and the brothers Roy and to invent a new ending for Roman that you don’t look so gloomy.

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