Bryan Cranston sets the record straight: ‘No, I’m not retiring’

After the Rumors, Bryan Cranston sets things straight: "No, I will not retire"

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During a recent interview, Bryan Cranston made some comments that led fans to believe he was retiring: the actor has in fact spoken of the closure of his production company, and his desire to travel and spend more time with his wife Robin.

He thought about silencing the voices anyway Cranstonwho via his Instagram profile confirmed that he has no plans to give up his career:
“Hi everyone, I hope this little message finds you all well. Some news has come out that wasn’t entirely clear…even to me. So I wanted to set the record straight. I won’t retire. one year after hitting my 70th birthday in 2026. Holy shit, it will be 70. I’m not even sure what “taking a break” means completely, but right now I think it means that taking a gap year I’ll be able to do other things First, I will be able to spend time with Robin (my beautiful wife of now 34 now) in a way that I haven’t been able to do for the past 25 years…not as a celebrity wife, but as a loving married couple who are entering – well, let’s be honest – our final years, with new hopes, goals and experiences. Secondly, it gives me a sort of ‘reset’ in my career. I have been on an incredible journey for over two decades, playing characters in TV, film and on stage that I could only dream of…until it actually happened. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative for such opportunities. That said, I feel like I’m starting to run out of new ideas on how to play characters that are being offered to me. So, exploring a different life will give me a chance to replenish my soul and prepare myself for whatever role may be granted to me in a more authentic way. I’m going to unplug from social media, step away from business, and dive into classic novels that I’ve always meant to read, but haven’t read. But before that happens, I have some unfinished business. There are several movies coming out soon that I am very proud of, I am producing some TV stories that I really love and I am trying to focus on returning to Broadway but this time in a new light…more on that later. For now, let me just express my deep gratitude to all of you who have been so incredibly kind and generous in taking the time to read my posts and follow my career. I never take my luck for granted. I am truly blessed. I wish you all well…and see you again soon. Love, Bryan”.

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