Special Operation: Lioness, the Italian trailer of the new series of Taylor Sheridan with Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldaña

The drama, signed by the creator of Yellowstone, will debut July 23 in streaming on Paramount +.

Nicole Kidman e Zoe Saldana play members of a CIA counterterrorism team tasked with dismantling a terrorist cell in the new series Special Operation: Lionessthe latest effort from the acclaimed creator of Yellowstone Taylor Sheridan. Paramount+which will host the drama from the upcoming 23 July (with the first two episodes), released the first Italian trailer which you can see below.

The plot of Special Operation: Lioness

Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, Special Operation: Lioness is based on a real-life program and follows Cruz Manuelos (Laysla De Oliveira), a rough-and-ready young Marine recruited to join the Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from within. The mission, as we understand from the trailer, is “to locate the wives and daughters of high-value targets, infiltrate an agent in their circle and kill the target”. An operation that requires courage and cold blood and for which Cruz does not feel ready.

The cast and the characters

Saldaña plays Joe, the Lioness program manager tasked with training, managing, and mentoring her undercover operatives. While Nicole Kidman is Kaitlyn Meade, a senior supervisor of the CIA who has had a long career in politics. Michael Kelly (House of Cards) plays Kaitlyn’s colleague Donald Westfield while the Oscar winner Morgan Freeman it’s the agency’s supreme head, Edwin Mullins. They complete the cast of the series Dave Annable (Yellowstone, Walker), LaMonica Garrett (1883, The Terminal List), e James Jordan (Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown), all actors who have already worked in the past with Taylor Sheridan. Annable plays Neil, Joe’s (Saldaña) husband and father of their two daughters. Jordan and Garrett are Two Cups and Tucker respectively, operatives of the CIA Special Activities Division in Joe’s team.

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