Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo doesn’t appreciate one of the most iconic moments of her character

Grey’s Anatomy certainly needs no introduction. With the record of medical drama longest everthe series currently available on Disney+ has now reached his nineteenth season. And despite the fact that recently had to say Goodbyeat least for the moment, to its undisputed protagonist, or the doctor Meredith Gray played by Ellen Pompeothe series was already renewed for a 20th season.

Like it or not, it is undeniable that Grey’s Anatomy is part of that category of TV series that have made the history of television, entering the collective imagination of the spectators, so much so that even those who have never seen an episode of the series know some of the most famous scenes or speeches. In fact, during the nineteen seasons of the series available on Disney+, memorable moments, for better or for worse, are certainly not lackinge many of the phrases spoken by the characters have become iconic.

Of course, most of them are related to Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Gray, whose relationship with her best friend Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and the one with the bel Doctor Strangelove Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) have known how to excite, suffer and move us. But what if we told you one of the most unforgettable and mentioned moments of Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo didn’t like it?

Ellen Pompeo defined the scene of Grey’s Anatomy in which Meredith declares herself to Derek “embarrassing”

In a long interview for Variety, in which the actress participated together with her former colleague on the set Katerin Heigle, Ellen Pompeo explained that she often felt frustrated and how the love stories of Meredith Grey’s character were writtenincluding the poignant relationship with Derek. In particular, the actress revealed about not having appreciated one of his character’s speeches at allor the one in which, in the fifth episode of the second season, Meredith declares her love for Derek with the famous phrasepick me, choose me, love me” (“Take me, choose me, love me“). Indeed, Ellen Pompeo claimed to have found humiliating having to beg a man on television and to have done everything for prevent the scene from being filmed.

Look, I don’t know if you remember that I fought so hard against that speech“Ellen Pompeo told Heigle. “Here’s another really cool thing about life — some things I was so against, and I was like, ‘ I can’t beg a man on television. This is so embarrassing’. And instead it ended up becoming one of the most famous scenes ever. In the scene, I’m crying, but I’m actually crying because I have to beg a man on television“.

In short, if it had been for Ellen Pompeo one of the key moments in the relationship between Meredith and Derek would never have happened. Luckily for fans, the scene was still filmed as intended by the writers, and as they say, the rest is history.

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