Friends 22, Maddalena Svevi’s truth about Mattia Zenzola: “At the beginning it was difficult because…”

Maddalena Svevi reveals some unpublished background on the relationship with the winner of Amici 22.

Magdalene Svevi came back to talk about her long and intense experience in the school of Amici 22. Experience that ended one step away from the final and that was also characterized by the relationship born with the Latin dancer Mattia Zenzola.

Maddalena Svevi’s confession about Mattia Zenzola

Magdalene Svevi was one of the protagonists of the twenty-second edition of Amici. Interviewed by Velvet Style, the dancer and former student of Emanuel Lo recalled his journey in the talent show by Maria De Filippi and revealed some unpublished background on his relationship with Mattia Zenzola:

When I walked in, my expectations were high and they were all high. I was very sure of myself and thought I would have done a perfect route. As time went on, however, I understood that it would not be like this at all: I gained awareness and there were many ups and downs. But now I think it went better this way, because I wouldn’t have liked a too positive path.

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With Matthias? We are certainly both very fond of each other. In the Friends School, it was difficult to get along at first. When we met, something broke out between us, and it wasn’t easy to find a friendship after the end of our story. We are busy so we don’t see each other often. I absolutely love him very much, and I hope he loves me too: I hope to see him as soon as possible.

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