Beverly Hills, 90210: Why did Donna have to remain a virgin? Tori Spelling finally reveals the background

The interpreter of Donna Martin in the popular 90s teen drama has understood, after so many years, what was behind the proverbial virginity of her character: her father Aaron Spelling has something to do with it.

I fan di Beverly Hills, 90210 will surely remember one of the “catchphrases” of the series: Donna Martin, the character played by Tori Spellinghe cared so much about hers virginity and for 7 seasons (out of the 10 total) she remained untouched without giving herself to her historic boyfriend David (Brian Austin Green). Today, finally, the actress revealed what were her real motivations behind the stubbornness of her character by putting the producer and screenwriter of Beverly Hills, 90210 Charles Rosin. Guest of the podcast that Donna’s former interpreter leads together with her former colleague Jennie GarthRosin confirmed what Tori Spelling always suspected: Behind Donna’s proverbial virginity was her father, Aaron Spellinghistorical producer of the series.

Beverly Hills, 90210: The whole truth about Donna’s virginity

Rosin broached the topic first, recalling when Aaron Spelling told him bluntly, “Donna should be a virgin.” “And I was like, ‘Absolutely, she should,'” the screenwriter recalled. “I never knew where this decision came from but I always suspected something like this, also because people were saying things like ‘She kept her daughter a virgin,'” added Tori Spelling.

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Of course, it wasn’t just a top-down imposition, it was also one creative choice to differentiate the character, moreover an initially secondary character who also thanks to this “feature” of his has become so loved by fans. “In the writers’ room, that just seemed to make perfect sense. So we were able to differentiate you,” Rosin added.

Tori Spelling’s suspicions

Tori Spelling had previously opened up about her suspicions about Donna’s virginity during an interview with Vulture in 2013. On that occasion she gave herself an explanation by remembering how much her character had become inspiring for young fans. “I think she remained a virgin because once she was established as a fan favorite, people really started to relate to her. Teens would constantly approach me and tell me they were virgins and they had moments where they were scared that being a virgin would have made them feel uncool, but then Donna solved the problem,” explained the actress. However, we remember it, in season 7 Donna finally loses her virginity to David in an episode that remained in the history of the series. “We knew it was inevitable. I think at one point I jokingly said, ‘Come on, Dad. It’s time,'” she joked.

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