Beautiful Steffy learns that Finn is alive

Beautiful, when Steffy discovers that Finn is alive?

Finn is alive in Beautiful, here’s what happens when Steffy finds out. This is what we learn from the American previews: in Italy the episodes are about a year behind US programming, and therefore we know what the developments of the stories currently broadcast on Canale 5 are. We have recently witnessed the aggression of Steffy and Finn aside from Sheila Carter, who ends up opening fire both against Steffy and – accidentally – against her own son.

Finn is presumed dead after being rushed to the hospital. That’s what the entire Forrester family and the Logans learn. The trauma of having to say goodbye to Finn leads Steffy to totally remove the experience. In fact, when she wakes up, Steffy doesn’t remember anything about that cursed night and above all she is still convinced that she is together with Liam.

Later, however, it is revealed that Finn is not dead. Well yes: Finn is alive in Beautiful, having survived the shooting. In serious condition, in fact, the man had been cared for by his mother Li, who took care of her son without the knowledge of Finn, the entire Forrester clan, Jack and Sheila Carter. In fact, to protect Finn, Li decided to keep Finn’s survival hidden so as to keep him out of harm’s way.

Who shot Steffy and Finn?

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Waking up several weeks later, Finn finds himself confronted by Sheila, who has infiltrated Li’s apartment. The latter, in fact, was killed by Sheila herself. Finn ends up being sedated by Sheila, who is increasingly desperate and does not know how to handle the situation: Finn remembers that Sheila was the one who shot him and goes crazy when he discovers that Sheila killed Li, trying to suffocate Sheila.

Li, in reality, is not dead and is found in a precarious state by Bill Spencer. When Li gets over the trauma of the crash and subsequent explosion caused by Sheila, Li is able to remember who Bill was and tells him that Finn is alive and that he is in Sheila’s clutches. Li and Bill reach the apartment where Sheila is holding Finn hostage: Bill and Finn manage to overpower Sheila and tie her to her bed while waiting for the police to arrive, leaving Li to keep an eye on her.

Mike then arrives at the apartment and knocks Li out to free Sheila, who flees and takes shelter with Deacon. As she tries to flee, Li manages to stop Mike who is arrested by Deputy Chief Baker.

In all of this Steffy is in Monaco, having decided to admit himself to a specialized facility for the treatment of mental illnesses. Steffy has never been able to get over the trauma of Finn’s death. The latter arrives in Europe thanks to Bill’s private jet to reunite with his wife. Steffy unfortunately does not receive the countless messages that Finn leaves her.

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Finally, arrived in Monaco, Finn manages to see his wife Steffy again, who believed him dead, when he manages to track her down in a church while she is intent on lighting a candle in memory of her missing husband. On this occasion, Finn also embraces his in-laws Taylor and Ridge, who are there with his stepdaughter Kelly and son Hayes. The entire Forrester clan returns to Los Angeles, ready to put that nightmare away once and for all.

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