Amara land: Mujgan dies after he attempts suicide?

Terra Amara Mujgan attempts suicide really dies?

In the next episodes of Bitter land Does Mujgan really die? The Turkish previews of the soap leave everyone speechless. The events continue with protagonists Yilmaz, Zuleyha, Demir and Mujgan. Our beloved Turkish soap that has conquered millions of viewers around the world brings us once again great news.

Throughout the episodes we will see one of the most anticipated events: the court hearing that will decide the fate of Zuleyha. Demir will also go here and decide to accuse his wife of having tried to kill him, asking for the maximum sentence. Furthermore, the two men will fight hard in the courtroom, coming to draw their weapons. Behice, on the other hand, will make an incredible find at home and save the dying Mujgan. Let’s find out all the details together!

Mujgan in fin di vita

The court hearing for Zuleyha is decisive for her future. Demir’s testimony thwarts the lawyers’ efforts to get Zuleyha out. The angry outbursts of Demir and Yilmaz anticipate the end of the hearing and backfire on the two, who end up in jail.

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Züleyha (Hilal Altinbilek) in prison in the episode of
Züleyha (Hilal Altinbilek) in prison in the episode of “Terra Amara” broadcast on Wednesday 14 June 2023 on Canale 5. Credits: RTI Mediaset.

Far from their parents, the children suffer and Adnan goes out to look for his mother. Meanwhile, Behice returns to Mujgan and finds her dying in the bathtub. The rush to the hospital and the timely intervention of the doctors are decisive and in the end Mujgan is safe.

Zuleyha is back in prison and, after her husband’s words, she knows that freedom is ever more distant, so she asks Sabahattin for a favor. Shortly afterwards, the doctor friend discovers that Mujgan has attempted to take his own life and talks to Behice, trying to explain to her the enormous difficulty that Zuleyha is going through. Fekeli also discovers that Mujgan is in hospital and rushes to her. When she wakes up, Mujgan si desperatearing the hearts of those present: she is still alive.

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