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Shark teeth: our interview with Virginia Raffaele and Tiziano Menichelli

Shark teeth: our interview with Virginia Raffaele and Tiziano Menichelli

Arrives at the cinema on June 8 Shark teeth, a surprising and successful first work, which counts on a close-knit cast of interpreters. Today we present our interview with Virginia Raffaele and the surprising little protagonist Tiziano Menichelli, mother and son in Davide Gentile’s film.

At the cinema from today 8 June there is also Shark Teeth, a film that we particularly liked and that we have no doubt will be appreciated as it deserves by the public as well. Directed by David Gentile In its feature film debut, the film brings to the big screen a screenplay that won the Solinas award a few years ago and a genre in our cinema that is little known like the coming-of-age story. The protagonist of a story between fairytale and realistic is the debutant Tiziano Menichellijust thirteen years old, who assisted by expert actors – Virginia Raphael, Claudius Santamaria e Edward Fish – and from another newcomer a little older, Stephen Rosci, literally steals the show, shouldering much of the responsibility for the story. On the occasion of the presentation to the press of Denti da Squalo we had the opportunity to have a chat with the protagonists, and that Tiziano found himself at ease in this unprecedented dimension for him is also evident from the interaction he has, on and off screen , precisely with Virginia Raffaele, who plays Walter’s mother in a more dramatic role unusual for her, and by the sympathy and spontaneity with which this natural actor talks about himself and offers himself up for a new film: we are sure that the offers will not be long in coming !

Shark Teeth: The Plot

Shark Teeth tells the long summer of Walter, a fatherless boy, a former criminal who repented but died right on the job. Filled with pain and anger, Walter has a bad relationship with his mother Rita, who tries to stay close to him but doesn’t know how. During a bicycle tour, he discovers an apparently abandoned villa, enters the large park that surrounds it and cannot resist the temptation to take a dip in the huge swimming pool. To his surprise and terror, he sees a shark swimming in that body of water. But he also finds Carlo, a slightly older bully who claims to be its keeper and that the villa belongs to a legendary criminal, Il Corsaro…

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