Isola dei Famosi: Pamela Camassa warns Marco Mazzoli and Andrea Lo Cicero, here’s what happened

Pamela Camassa blurts out in L’Isola dei Famosi against Helena Prestes: “She spoke ill of everyone”.

Pamela Camassa literally blurted out on L’Isola dei Famosi! The reason? The unexpected rapprochement of the castaway with Marco Mazzoli and Andrea Lo Cicero annoyed and annoyed Filippo Bisciglia’s girlfriend, who warned the two friends.

Pamela Camassa against Helena Prestes

After the elimination of Nathaly Caldonazzo, Helena Prestes has tried to get closer to the group. In front of the tears of the model, Marco Mazzoli and Andrea Lo Cicero they decided to reach out to her, however provoking her harsh reaction from Pamela Camassawho harshly criticized Helena’s “false” attitude and warned the two castaways of The Island of the Famous:

I don’t believe anything about this new attitude of his. He plays the victim and good now, but nothing he says convinces me. You do what you want, but I remain of my coherent idea. You are totally free to do what you want. She is crazy! She out of the blue she says the opposite of what she said before. How can I ignore it.

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As reported by Biccy, a storm hit Cayo Cochinos is exactly Pamela was forced to share a tent with Helena:

Making her come under the hut is fine and it’s obvious, but otherwise hello and good evening, we will never be friends. It was raining, even my worst enemy would let in. I as a single person distance myself from this girl. When we were in the same chicas, I spoke to each other the bare minimum. I was always with Cristina and Corinne and not with her. What did she do? Look, she spoke ill of everyone. But what a lie…

In my opinion she doesn’t give a damn about being with all of us. For me she is pretend as what this approach of her. Now she’s a beaten dog and someone believes it. Now she makes peace and love with everyone. I understand that she does it because she is alone, but then she should have thought about it first and behaved decently.

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