Is it my fault?, the teen drama finally arrives on Prime Video

Based on Mercedes Ron’s best-selling novel of the same name, Is It My Fault? tells the forbidden love story of Noah and Nick, between present threats and past dangers. The film is available today, June 8, on Prime Video.

Based on the novel of the same name by Mercedes Ron, It’s my fault? bring up Prime Video a new tormented teenage love story. Movie Amazon Original, tells the story of two teenagers forced to live under the same roof as half-siblings after their parents find love in each other’s arms. Available to stream starting from 8 June 2023the teen drama aims above all at the protagonist duo, Nicole Wallace e gabriel guevara.

Watch Now Is It My Fault? on Prime Video

Is it my fault?, the plot of the new teen drama based on the best seller of the same name

Noah is a teenager whose life is turned upside down by a decision that comes from above. Her mother married a rich and charismatic man, William Leister, and Noah is forced to pack her whole life into a suitcase leaving her home, her friends and even her boyfriend to move into the Leister mansion and start a new chapter in her life. She never would have imagined meeting such a difficult yet charming boy with whom to share her roof. Indeed, she discovers that William Leister has a son, Nickhis step brother with undeniable charm and a propensity to get into trouble. Both proud and independent, Noah and Nick make it clear right away that they don’t like each other and don’t give up on mutual hostile behavior. Nick apparently seems like a decent guy, a model figure to draw inspiration from.

Noah, however, discovers that his half-brother lives one parallel life and very secret, she participates in dangerous clandestine races and does not give up big parties as well as fights when they come under hand. Noah and Nick couldn’t be more different, at least on paper. But the attraction between them is undeniable and, at some point, they will no longer be able to resist making their relationship yet another, dangerous secret. Even though Nick is determined to get himself into trouble, Noah has more skeletons in his closet and that difficult past will come back knocking on his door.

Who is Mercedes Ron and how many novels has she written

Now that the film directed by Sunday Gonzalez is available to stream on Prime Video, you can also catch up novel trilogy by Mercedes Ron, author who first tasted notoriety on WattPad, where he published his stories reaching a vast number of followers. A young Argentine writer, she has lived in Spain since her childhood and writing books has always been one of her biggest dreams, which has now come true. It’s my fault? is the first of three volumes of the saga guiltyfollowed by It’s your fault? e Is it our fault?. In Italy, the first novel is published by Salani.

Watch Now Is It My Fault? on Prime Video

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