X Factor 2023, the first sparks among the jurors, Morgan’s reply to Fedez’s poisonous dig

The climate in the X Factor talent show is already hot. Fedez’s provocation to Morgan did not go unnoticed and the Milanese singer-songwriter replied to his latest statements.

The climate of the new edition of the talent show by X Factor it’s already hot and the first sparks are flying among the jurors. The recent provocation of Stink to Morgan it did not go unnoticed and the Milanese singer-songwriter replied to his latest statements.

X Factor 2023, Morgan replicates Fedez

Interviewed by Corriere della Serathe husband of Chiara Ferragni spoke of his colleague, expressing his concerns about a hypothetical lack of professionalism of his colleague in his return to the talent show:

“It’s not a matter of being rowdy, I hope it’s professional and at least arrives on time. No, it’s not obvious because it’s never been like this.”

Morganon his official Instagram profile, then shared a post replying to Fedez with these words:

“Dear Fedez, if you can’t dare to challenge me, do it on the level of musical competence, not on that of discipline, which has nothing to do with art. So maybe the level is raised a bit, what do you think?

The former Bluvertigo frontman then added:

“We must learn from Fedez punctuality and submission to orders and bureaucratic apparatuses. Fedez champion of bureaucracy, militarist and self-sacrificing to the orders of his superiors, informer of transgressions as an organ of moderation of dissidents, tattooed arm of the coercive system, overseer in panopticon, spetznaz agent under Austro-Hungarian cover, infector of the new inquisition of the SigmaNove protocol promulgated by the anti-kafkaesque masonry 3.2, drafted in the ocean floor 46,000 miles from the island of Culinpaloz, disappeared in 72 and sighted during the release of Shaggy’s second single in 1994 .5 at thirty degrees Celsius east of Marranzano, the largest port on Lake Lassistar in the northern ice archipelago ninety inches fifteen feet and seven men from Chewingum Bridge on the outskirts of Hutchidentr, Greenland, when the Fossil blond tobacco from paper pipe and bamboo cane contained in the first version of the album “the master’s voice” distributed in all the best semaphore shops, quality convenience and courtesy, but not on cassette.”

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