Who is Paolo Romano, Eugene of Un Posto al Sole?

Paolo Romano A Place in the Sun

What do we know about Paul Romanthe interpreter of Eugene Nicotera in A Place in the Sun? Let’s talk about the charming long-lived magistrate soap opera struggling not a short time ago with the fluctuating relationship with Viola (Ilenia Lazzarin), almost ex-wife.

The crisis between the two began after the bad attack by Lello Valsano (Gianluca Pugliese) against Viola which cost the life of poor Susanna (Agnese Lorenzini).

Upset by the tragedy, and by the dangers of her husband’s work, Viola decides to leave him, starting a period of great ups and downs.

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Still very much in love, Eugenio and Viola are no longer able to find a balance together, thus risking saying goodbye forever. Things take an unexpected turn when, in the workplace, Eugenio runs into the beautiful and young colleague Lucia (Francesca Colapietro), thus unleashing his wife’s jealousy. The latter, meanwhile, finds some comfort in her friendship with the agent Damiano (Luigi Miele), with whom, however, a story would seem completely improbable.

But that’s not all because, after months of stalemate, still feeling very bound by his marriage to Viola, Eugenio decides to take legal action filing for divorce. So how will the relationship between Eugenio and Viola end?

Previews A Place in the Sun Eugenio and Viola

Screenshot of Eugenio and Viola at their wedding in
Screenshot of Eugenio and Viola at their wedding in “Un Posto Al Sole” Credits: Rai

Let’s find out the first twists on the love story between Eugenio and Viola thanks to the previews of A Place in the Sun aired at the end of March 2023. In detail it is the episode on air Thursday 30 March the one to bring a real turning point in their relationship.

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During the episode we follow Viola as she strolls through the streets of central Naples with her head full of thoughts and memories. Viola remembers and thinks back to her wedding day with Eugenio just as the latter prepares the divorce papers.

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Both heartbroken, they prepare to say goodbye to each other while still very much in love. And here comes the twist. Eugenio’s doorbell rings suddenly.

It is Viola who tells him she does not want the separation. “I’m back. I’m home again”- she whispers with tears in her eyes. “I wasn’t expecting anything else, my love“. And it is with these beautiful words that Eugenio welcomes Viola back into his arms, finally getting back together. But is this happy ending meant to last forever? The next advances will tell us A Place in the Sun.

Paolo Romano age

Now that we have discovered the implications on the character of the soap, Eugenio Nicotera, let’s discover those of the actor who plays him. Let’s talk about Paul Romanactor and director from Turin born in 1970. In 2023, therefore, the actor will be 53 years old.

Paolo Romano movies and TV series

Alternating his career between theater, cinema and television, during his successful career Paolo Romano appears in well-known fiction and TV series such as I Cesareni 4Star Player, Police Precinct 11, The bastards of PizzofalconeLight of your eyes e Hearts. At the cinema we remember him instead for having starred in films such as Sacred heart by Ferzan Ozpetek e Nevermind e Copperman by Eros Puglielli.

Paolo Romano wife

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Who is the life partner of Paul Roman in reality? Well we know that the Turin actor has a wife and three children. However, since he prefers to keep his private life away from the spotlight, we don’t know any other details about it.

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