The Great Wall, what are Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon doing in China?

Starring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe, The Great Wall was one of the largest cinematographic co-productions between China and the United States. Here is the plot and a backstage video.

What are they doing to us Peter Pascal, Matt Damon e Willem Dafoe on the Great Wall of Chinain a film halfway between historical epic and fantasy like The Great Wall? It is easy to say: they participated in the feature film which, directed by the great director Zhang Yimouwas one of the biggest international co-productions of Chinese cinema. She didn’t do well, but she captivated many viewers who saw it. Let’s summarize it plot and let’s present one backstage.

The Great Wall, the plot of the film with Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal

The Great Wall (2016) tells of two European mercenariesWilliam¬†Garin (Matt Damon) and Pero Tovar (Peter Pascal), in search of the “black powder” (forerunner of the gunpowder) in the 11th century China. Close to the Great Wall of Chinathe two and their group are attacked by a strange creature: survived by a miracle, Willliam and Pero discover that it is a monster belonging to the Tao Tei, an alien race that crashed in a meteorite. caught byNameless Order which protects China from this threat, the two then decide to join the resistancewith the help of another mercenary like them, Ballard (Willem Dafoe), who embarked on their same path twenty-five years earlier. Will Pero and William embrace the cause all the way? Or do they still dream of gunpowder?

The Great Wall, a courageous economic bet

With a worldwide gross of $335,000,000 per $150 cost, The Great Wall did not prove the event that it would have put the international market in agreement with the Chinese one, generating a box office equal to the biggest hits in both areas of the world. He turned out anyway the highest-budget Chinese filmwhich imposed the hiring of one hundred interpretersto ensure the effectiveness of this film cooperation between East and West. Matt Damon he trained as archer col champion Lajos Kassai, taking his family with him to China for six months during filming. These did not take place on the real one Great Wallbecause the production was denied to use the real location, so it was recreated almost from scratch with a combination of stage sets and digital extensions. We show you a backstage on the production, also focused on the director’s work Zhang Yimou.

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