Ted Lasso’s ending explained

Ted Lassoafter three seasons that have won the hearts of fans, has come to an end. The American coach took us on an emotionally exhausting journeyin which we were able to immerse ourselves in an extraordinary, almost fairy-tale reality, growing humanly together with all the characters, who played a truly sublime personal and collective journey. Ted Lasso has always remained faithful to his morals, teaching us not only trivially to never stop believing in them, how much more to care less about everything bad that happens in the surrounding area and always look forward. And now that it’s all over, we just have to say goodbye, reflecting on what was the ending of this magnificent TV series from the AppleTv+ team.

The following article contains spoilers from the season finale of Ted Lasso.

Adieu, bon voyage, goodbye

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The ending of Ted Lasso, when viewed with an objective gaze and not spoiled by favoritism, is truly complete. Each character in the AppleTv+ series finds its definitive location without resentment or forcing, and everything is ready to continue, in a parallel universe, without Ted, the American dreamer capable of demystifying the obsolete concept of “America dream” same. Richmond, after a fabulous season, worthy of Sir Claudietto Ranieri’s Leicester City, fails, in the last minute, to grab the company and the much dreamed of Premier League. Despite a dream last match, Lasso’s men surrender to Pep Guardiola’s City, who simultaneously wins his last match by hitting the target. And that’s exactly how things should have been, from the beginning. It is Ted himself, addressing the journalist Trent Crimm regarding the book on the Greyhounds season, who corrects its title from “the Ted Lasso method” to “the Richmond method”. Yeah, why Ted Lasso it has always been a collective series, in which every single interpreter has managed to carve out an increasingly important role for himself, starting from a small need, that of telling one’s own, unique and inimitable story. It is therefore for this reason that the Premier League victory becomes totally irrelevant for the purposes of the narrative, and it is in fact for this reason that the ending is elided, brutally cut, limiting itself to showing the celebration of the Richmond fans, who pour onto the pitch again before the final verdict, to celebrate their heroes, regardless of everything.

Ted Lasso: everything in its place

Ted Lasso (640×360)

And if Ted is truly determined to come home after three years away from his son, there’s no one to stop him, because that’s exactly how it was all meant to be. Rebecca also desists from trying to convince him, making the decision not to sell the club and to carry on with the project, thanks above all to Ted’s teachings. The love story between the two has rightly remained only a broken dream in the hearts of the fans, and the hand of the authors was not lacking in underlining this decisionright at the beginning of the last episode, as if to immediately silence this “voicing”, to shift attention to the most correct conclusion possible and to make fun of fan service, which in the past has ruined much “bigger” sagas. Rebecca will probably find love in the arms of the handsome Dutch pilot she fell in love with in the poetic Dutch countryside, in Amsterdam, and Ted Lasso he will return to his son, going from being the hottest manager in the Premier League, to playing the no less noble role of dad-manager of the greatest love of his life. In the Richmond house, everything really settles down. No one could be more ready than Roy Kent, to replace Ted. The character who most of all has matured over the course of the series, going through the very complicated transition from footballer to ex-footballer in the best possible way, nevertheless managing to best express his passion, without compromising and without ever giving up his attitude. A fight with Jamie, sooner or later, there should have been, and Keeley is the pretext that the two give themselves to fight against the part they hate of themselves; but in the end, Tartt too puts aside the last remnants of immaturity and is reunited with his hated father.

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Every commemorative reference, in this latest installment of Ted Lassohas a precise sentimental meaning. Colin can finally kiss his boyfriend, after having dreamed of doing it for years, in front of everyone and without any more self-imposed pressure. Nate the Great is back, and he did it with disarming humility, resuming the path that he had begun before a skid, which has done nothing but remind us how much the thirst for power can cloud vision and change and corrupt even the mildest souls. Among the various easter eggsthere is space to find out Beard’s real name, to make sure that Zava’s new “career” is going well and also to enjoy the proud face of Sam, on his first call-up with the Nigeria shirt. Ted Lasso has succeeded in an absolutely unassailable way to tell an exciting story, a sports cycle (and often the two things coincide) marking a beginning and an end, restoring a sense of completeness and serenity, something in itself already very rare for modern series. The roads now separate: the long line of moving farewells starts from a Broadway-style choreography that the Richmond boys reserve for their coach as a tribute, and ends with the recomposition of theunique and indestructible basic message that this great series had set itself to carry forward: Believe. Once and for all.

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