Sympathy for the Devil: Nicolas Cage is devil in the new trailer

After Renfield, a new film starring Nicolas Cage who, in Sympathy for the Devil, returns to a role where his enjoyment is evident.

Sympathy for the Devil: Nicolas Cage is devil in the new trailer

RLJE Films has released the trailer officer of Sympathy for the Devilstarring a devil Nicholas Cage e Joel Kinnaman. The direction is signed by Yuval Adler.

Written by Luke Paradise, Sympathy for the Devil follows ‘The Chauffeur’ (Joel Kinnaman) on his cat-and-mouse chase after being forced to chauffeur for a mysterious man called ‘The Passenger’ (Nicolas Cage). This is a premise for a chase that will certainly be thrilling.

Director Adler is known for The Secret, also starring Kinnaman, and the thriller The Operative, directed by Diane Kruger. In addition to leads Cage and Kinnaman, the film’s cast includes Where Wolves star Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau. Interesting trivia: The film – which largely takes place inside Kinnaman’s car – was mostly shot in a virtual studio in Las Vegas.

Nicolas Cage is Dracula in Renfield but looks like Giucas Casella, the photo is viral on Instagram

Of the film, producer Allan Ungar said, “This is a tour de force with two incredible actors. Like a successful director, Yuval has assembled the perfect cast and brought uniqueness and a gritty vision that is sure to captivate viewers.” .

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