Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli broke up: Laura Freddi’s reaction

Laura Freddi commented live on the Rai 1 talk show, Today is another day, the announcement of the separation of Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli.

Yesterday, Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli have exclusively announced a Vanity Fair, the end of their long love story lasted 26 years.

Laura Freddi comments live on the news of the separation between Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis

The two met in 1997, when the Bruganelli she was just 23 years old and they got married in 2002. Three children were born from the relationship Silvia, David and Adele.

“How long have we been separated? It’s not a question of dates, of time. We are parents, we will continue to go on vacation together, we will maintain the same dynamics. This is the news. There are no third parties or lovers involved. If then third people will arrive at that point they will no longer be lovers. For our children we have always been mum and dad, nothing changes. Only the physical relationship is missing, “said the entrepreneur to the weekly. The rumors had been recurring for weeks, however the couple had denied with a video posted on Instagram in which they had talked about fake news also pointing the finger at a certain type of information.

Shortly after the announcement, Laura Coldex-girlfriend of Paolo Bonolis, guest at Today is another dayhearing the live news, commented:

“I was a little girl when Paolo and I were together. They are two such intelligent people, they have a complicity, beyond the love that then united them for so many years. I think they will have to protect their family and I believe that this is the most important thing. I’m sorry, but you know? I know Paolo very well, I’ve also started to know Sonia in recent years. There was also this complicity between us and, I have to tell you the truth, I’m sorry. Like any couple parting leaves a little bad taste in the mouth. The public also grows fond of these famous couples.”

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