Nicolas Cage is the devil himself in the trailer for Sympathy for the Devil

Debuts in the United States at the end of July, in theaters and on demand, this psychological thriller in which our beloved and increasingly insane Nic Cage plays the role of the devil. With lots of red hair. Here is the trailer and plot of Sympathy for the Devil.

We just saw him in the cinema as Draculaand immediately Nicholas Cage overwhelms us again with his new, bizarre interpretation. The man who has been a thousand crazy characters throughout his career finally (it is appropriate to say) interprets the devil himself. Complete with fiery red hair, to underline the infernality of the whole.
It happens in Sympathy for the Devila psychological thriller in which a man, played by Joel Kinnamanis forced by a gun pointed at him to give a lift to a mysterious and sulphurous passenger, thus remaining trapped in a risky game of cat and mouse in which it becomes increasingly clear that what seems is never what it really is .
To direct the film, starting from a script by Luke Paradise (I swear, it’s called that…) it was Yuval Adlerthe Israeli director of films such as The Secret.
Ecco the original official trailer of Sympathy for the Devilwith a Nicholas Cage really… diabolical.

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