New Amsterdam: On Mediaset Infinity the final season of the beloved medical drama

The latest episodes of the TV series with Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin arrive on TV. Here’s where to see them and what to expect.

There are stories that leave their mark. That of Dr. Max Goodwin, medical director at one of America’s oldest and most prestigious public hospitals, himself a patient due to a serious illness that could not break him, always ready to ask “How can I help?” , he certainly did. To tell it was the successful series New Amsterdam, which ended last January after five seasons. Fifth season now also aired in Italy, from 7 June on Canale 5 and streaming for free on Mediaset Infinity every Wednesday with three new episodes. Last time, we left Dr. Goodwin in a very difficult situation, both professionally due to a hurricane that hit New York City and New Amsterdam Medical Center and personally, due to a lost love.

New Amsterdam, season 5 on Mediaset Infinity: What awaits us

As you will remember (if it were not so, all the previous episodes of the series are also available on Mediaset Infinity), in the last episode of the fourth season of New AmsterdamMax (played by Ryan Eggold) was about to crown his new dream of love with Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Country). Excited by her arrival from London and their impending wedding on the hospital roof, Max was shocked shortly afterwards to learn that she had finally decided not to join him and marry him simply because “I can’t”. Suspended between the pain of the breakup and the need to make sense of it, the doctor will receive the support of his friends in New Amsterdam, who will do their best to comfort him.

Watch New Amsterdam season 5 for free on Mediaset Infinity

But Dr. Goodwin’s heart wasn’t the only one that skipped a beat. Disagreeing in their relationship, Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) was seen asking by her husband to leave their home. Even Dr. Lauren Bloom fared no better (Janet Montgomery) and his girlfriend. “We blew up everyone’s life so they can help each other recover,” explained the creator of the series David Schulner. Season 5 is meant to remind fans why they fell in love with New Amsterdam the first time they saw her”. How? By bringing the main characters a little closer and “trying to fix each one’s fatal flaw”. There will be “unexpected romantic situations” and other “fireworks”. Everyone the characters, Schulner added, ‘will seek to heal — repair the great trauma that began their journey in the first episode.’The finale ‘is each one’s origin story through and through. Celebrate healthcare workers and that spark that comes when you realize what you want to do with the rest of your life.”

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