Men and Women, the former suitor (and choice) of Giulia Cavaglià, Manuel Galiano: “If I showed some screens ..”

The former face of Men and Women and choice of the former tronista Giulia Cavaglià, has removed a few pebbles from his shoes regarding the alleged betrayal of Federico Chimirri that his ex confessed on social media.

The former tronista of Men and women, Giulia Cavaglia on Instagram he decided to make the confession public of having suffered a betrayal by her boyfriend Federico Chimirri. “I just found out my boyfriend is cheating on me. So yeah, we broke up. And I’d like not to have any questions about it.” wrote the to ridenot adding further details.

Men and Women, Manuel Galiano reveals a background on the story between Giulia Cavaglià and Federico Chimirri

He wanted to intervene on the matter (definitely with a straight leg) Manuel Galianol’former suitor That Giulia chose at the conclusion of his throne a Men and women in 2019.

“As usual you’re having yet another guy slaughtered to show off. When this time, if I showed some screens, I think that as a victim you would become the perpetrator“. he wrote Manuel who revealed other background stories on Twitter, confessing that he had directly heard Federico to whom he apparently revealed that he had the opportunity to hear from Cavaglià who a year ago would have sent him to her room, despite the fact that she was engaged to Chimiri.

“Federico called me first and I told him. He seemed heartbroken and I understand it because I’ve been through it. I had a bad time. I was massacred for months for things I hadn’t done. Federico told me that they’re massacring him for things he hadn’t done. I told her that he’s not the bad guy but she. She’s like that, when she gets tired of someone she does this, like she did with me. I’m sorry for Federico who is a good boy , it annoys me that she passes for a saint and she is not a saint.”

L’former suitor he then continued:

“Her version will be that he cheated on her, like when I had demonstrated to her with photos and videos that I wasn’t the one in the photo who passed by and she said to me: “I don’t care, that’s how it is for me”. that she dumped him and she plays the victim. She tried years ago to enter the Gf, she wants to go there at all costs. Federico and I are friends, there is mutual respect and since I could help him, I felt like doing it I suffered and therefore I wanted to help him.”

“She’s a strategist and I think she knows I have those messages so she won’t say anything. She knows those messages exist. If she says it’s not true, I then take the messages out.”

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