Men and Women, Rosa Perrotta and the very high bill: 150 euros for toast and wraps!

On the web, the former face of Men and Women, Rosa Perrotta, made headlines for the hefty bill she had to pay for toast and wraps. Here’s what happened.

On the occasion of a relaxing weekend with the whole family, the former tronista of Men and women, Rosa Perrottawas the protagonist of an unusual story, which unleashed some controversy sui social.

Men and Women, Rosa Perrotta and the very high bill for a lunch of wraps and toast

On holiday in Lugano with her husband Pietro Tartaglione – with whom she celebrated 6 years of marriage – and their children in Lugano, Rosa Perrotta she found herself having lunch in a local restaurant, in the central square of the city: there, they ordered wraps, a maxitoast, two club sandwiches, pineapple and some drinks. Nothing unusual, except that when the bill arrived, Perrotta she was visibly surprised.

The cost of a lunch based on these simple dishes was, in fact, exorbitant, according to the former tronista: for this meal with toast and wraps, the whole family spent 150 euro!. A figure that for Perrotta it was really exaggerated, so much so that she decided to share it on social networksthrough a story on his Instagram profile, the offending receipt. Many of the followers agreed with the former tronista in believing that the bill was really salty, while others stated that it is not such a high figure, also considering the place where they were.

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