Men and Women, Jessica Antonini attacked by a former tronista: “Arrogant, always judges everything and everyone”

Ex tronista of Men and Women against Jessica Antonini after the latter’s accusations against Giulia Cavaglia.

After criticizing and attack Giulia Cavaglia sui social, Jessica Antonini ended up in Samantha Curcio’s sights. L’former protagonist of Men and Women he didn’t miss an opportunity to lash out against his former throne colleagueaccusing her of being arrogant and always pointing fingers at other women.

Samantha Curcia versus Jessica Antonini

The love story between Giulia Cavaglià and Federico Chimirri is over. The confirmation came from the former tronista of Men and women which, after revealing that she was traditionAnd ended up in the sights of Jessica Antonini. The reason? The latter has insinuated that the revelation of her would have been only a move to get more followers.

Another former tronista from di Men and women. We are talking about Samantha Curcio who, annoyed, ran away against Antonini:

I can’t keep quiet because I read some absurd things… Some time ago some girls who follow me sent me screenshots to show me that a girl was buying followers…Because she got 25,000 followers a day…Wow. This girl, this gypsy queen who has a good word for every woman. I’ve never met her, I didn’t follow her, she said about me that I do Santa Maria Goretti on social media only because I like live broadcasts with specialists because I too benefit from them. You don’t know that I started volunteering when I was thirteen. At thirteen I was part of a voluntary association and I was very happy. Very often I keep doing things in silence, then if I can share useful things I think I’m not hurting anyone. She, on the other hand, is always with her finger ready, always with this arrogance, this arrogance, judging everything and everyone.

Samantha he then continued by harshly criticizing the Jessica’s inconsistent behavior:

She feels entitled to criticize all the other girls who, like her, have simply participated in a television program … She, in every interview, does nothing but remember that she would also immediately do a reality show. Well…I think we all would, otherwise we wouldn’t have walked our own feet on a TV show. Because no one has put a gun to our heads to go on TV. Then the question that arises spontaneously is: “Who is it that is looking for followers?”. The one who blames a girl for looking for followers when she actually tells her about her for the same reason …

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Finally, I think one should have the respect and foresight to understand that very often, as in my case, people don’t respond because they prioritize other things in life. Because they have to work, because they have to think about real life. But then it happens that maybe on other days, like this one, one has ten minutes of leisure and maybe, with politeness and respect, offers one’s opinion.

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