He plays dead for a year and gets a role in CSI: The Crazy Story of Josh Nalley

CSI is undoubtedly one of the longest-running TV series in the history of television. Aired on CBS by ben fifteen years, from 2000 to 2015, subsequently saw the development of ben quattro spin-off, each of which showed us different facets of the same environment. To this day it is still difficult to decide which version is better but another thing we know for sure is that CSI has been a kind of rite of passage for several actors who then landed important roles in other shows, as it was, for example, for Ashley Benson e Grant Gustin. Last spin-off on the list is CSI: Vegas, which saw the introduction of a decidedly particular character.

Sometimes you can get a role even in an incredible way. In fact, a man managed to get a part in CSI: Vegas by playing dead on social media for a year.

What is it about exactly? As always, let’s put the pieces right. Almost two years after its first airing, it is now established that CSI: Vegas is a good quality product. Direct sequel to the well-known anthological series CSI: Crime Scene always tells the investigations of the police and scientific police in the Las Vegas area, with the return of some characters from the original series. Among these must be mentioned Jorja Fox e William Peteresen, respectively interpreters of Sarah Sidle e Gil Grissombesides that Marg Helgenberger in the role of Catherine Willows.

But, as anticipated, a new role has also been added, or rather, a man has managed to achieve his goal even if, apparently, it could have seemed crazy. Josh Nalley, originating from Wyoming, has become quite famous for its content on TikTok in which he gave himself up for missing, pretending to be even even deceased. This type of content, however unusual and almost absurd, aimed at a specific goal: to get a role of its own in CSI: Vegas. And once this result is achieved, after 321 days, Josh has stopped posting similar videos.

The role obtained was actually that of “dead” in the TV series itself, a role that, normally, the production should not struggle to cover. To reveal his participation in the show was the same Josh, who stated: “I got an email from CBS. He said they saw me on TikTok and were offering me a part in the show“. At first he was absolutely incredulous, thinking of a possible joke, but it all became true when Josh has “met and spoke with the director of the episode, Mario Van Peebles, and I was absolutely sure of the part“. After realizing this dream, therefore, Josh has admitted that he would like to return to acting, and not necessarily only in CSI. Indeed, he declares: “My patience overcame my inability to act. I might come back“.

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