Friends 22, Mattia Zenzola and Benedetta Vari are dating? Check the picture of a kiss…

According to some rumors, there would be more than just friendship between Benedetta Vari and Mattia Zenzola of Amici, as evidenced by the photo of a kiss. Here’s what we know.

Between the two alumni of the talent show of Amici, Blessed Vari e Mattia Zenzola is there any softness? According to the latest rumors, it would seem so.

Amici 22, photo with a kiss between Benedetta Vari and Mattia Zenzola

It was to launch the gossip Deianeira Marzanowho in her stories on Instagram published a photo dating back to Saturday 3 May, when the two dancers performed at the Metropolitan Theater in Catania on the occasion of an event organized by their teacher, Raymond Todaro. In the shot, reported by a user, you can see them Mattia Zenzola e Blessed Vari who during a stage performance kissed passionately. And, according to those present, the kiss was not foreseen by the choreography:

“Watch out, look at that kiss. Not from choreography, but spontaneous between Benedetta and Mattia on Saturday night in Catania on stage”

Despite even during the talent of Canale5 between the two there was a kiss, purely for the scene, this shot caused a sensation and led fans to wonder if there is something between the two. To confirm the theories of the fans, the same Marzanowho revealed that from the rumors that have reached her the two alumni are actually a couple, but at the moment they prefer to keep the situation private:

“Yes girls, they seem to be together, but they want discretion.”

At present, however, these are just rumors, also because the couple was recently a guest on Viva Rai2! di Fiorello and the conductor have made it clear that they are only good friends.

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