Monday, February 26, 2024

Fedez and Luis Sal, the rapper reveals the truth about the dispute with a video: “Here’s what happened” (VIDEO)

Fedez and Luis Sal, the rapper reveals the truth about the dispute with a video: "Here's what happened" (VIDEO)

Fedez and Luis Sal had a fight and the rapper decided to reveal the truth in a video. Here’s what he said.

Fedez decided to reveal the truth about the quarrel with louis salt: a beautiful friendship was born between the two, so much so that the singer had become part of the Ferragnez gang and the gags about little Vittoria’s crush on him had gone viral. However, something has cracked between Fedez e Sal and the latter will not be returning to the Wild Moss Podcast.

Fedez and Luis Sal, the rapper reveals the truth about the dispute with a video

In a video posted on Youtube, Fedez he clarified what are the reasons that led him and the influencer to separate:

“Finally I will give you the longed-for explanations about Luis’s disappearance from the podcast and why I haven’t been able to give you explanations until now. I would have liked Luis to explain to you himself, out of respect for the three years of work together and for the public who look. Gossip and speculation have been created, when the truth is much simpler and less tragic than one might think. I waited three episodes before asking the management for the opportunity to tell the public that Luis would no longer be there. This what irreparably damaged the format, because under the comments section we talked almost exclusively about Luis and not the guest. Something predictable and could have been avoided. This thing damaged the podcast, because I struggle to find guests. If you call people to talk about sensitive topics, they are not happy if they come to talk to this table and then in the comments we only talk about Luis. I asked the favor of being able to say that Luis is no longer here. To tell you :”If you follow this podcast for him, he’s not here”. I was not given this authorization, I think it was done for a precise and incorrect reason from my point of view. There was never any intention of embarrassing a person with whom I have shared so many moments of my life and such a beautiful project.”

The rapper went on to say that after the parenthesis Sanremoduring which he and Luis Sal aired with Muschio Selvaggio on Rai2, without receiving any compensation, there was a strong working discussionWhy Sal he believed that he had taken charge of everything, without the help of his partner. After an initial break, Sal he had revealed that he wanted to abandon the project, leaving Fedez somewhat amazed and in evident difficulty, also because he certainly did not expect the situation to evolve in this way:

“That’s it. What you need to know is that Luis won’t be there, whoever follows the podcast for him should know that he’s gone. If you can, vent under this video, but then avoid disrespect towards guests.”