Coma: the new film by Bertrand Bonello arrives at the cinema – Watch the trailer

The new, beautiful film by the French director arrives in theaters only on 3, 4 and 5 July with Wanted Pictures. Here is the trailer and the plot of Bertrand Bonello.

I haven’t been a big fan of Bertrand Bonello in the first phase of his career, that of films also acclaimed by a certain circle of cinephilia. Movies like The Pornographer, Tiresias, L’Apollonide. Not even his Yves Saint Laurent, which was even better, had completely convinced me (always better than that of Jalil Lespert). Then they arrived nocturamaa short that is a masterpiece like Sarah Winchester, Phantom Operait’s still Zombie Child, and my relationship with the director changed.
Even more after seeing, al Turin Film Festival of 2023its new Comawhich is a truly incredible film, and therefore I strongly advise you to go and see when, only on the days of 3, 4 and 5 Julywill arrive in Italian cinemas with Wanted Pictures.
Made by alternating live action, traditional animation, stop motion and digital 3D, Coma is Bonello’s immersion in the imagination of a teenage girl (Louise Labèquealready in Zombie Child) who is locked up at home due to the lockdown, and who enters an “other” world thanks to the videos of Patricia Coma, a youtuber that the protagonist begins to follow, remaining increasingly fascinated, but also to video calls with friends, Zoom chats with debates on serial killers and mysterious shots of surveillance cameras, in a continuous alternation between different visual formats.
Coma is a mysterious and hermetic story that transports the viewer to a fascinating dimension on the border between dream and reality, becoming a visionary fresco of the fantasies and fears of this young protagonist.
Here is the official trailer of Coma di Bonello.

Here’s what Bertrand Bonello said about his film:

“How do you talk to an 18-year-old nowadays? The film certainly doesn’t answer that question, but it does offer some perspectives on it. I wanted to address serious and important issues but also do it in a playful, even humorous and light-hearted way, although the film is permeated with the gloom of the current period. Some expedients of the production, such as the animation in Patricia Coma’s channel, allowed me to make the film in a very free way, alternating between comedy, irony and more frightening elements”.

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