Big Brother Vip, Giaele De Donà’s truth about Antonino Spinalbese and Antonella Fiordelisi: “That’s why we don’t have…”

Giaele De Donà clarifies his relationship with Antonino Spinalbese and Antonella Fiordelisi after the Gf Vip.

Sofia Giaele De Donà she went back to talking about Big Brother VIP. In a recent interview with SuperGuidaTv, the finalist of the seventh edition of the reality show took the opportunity to talk about Antonino Spinalbese e Antonella Fiordelisiwith whom he often quarreled in the Casa di Cinecittà.

Giaele De Donà: the words about Antonino Spinalbese and Antonella Fiordelisi

Sofia Giaele De Donà was one of the protagonists of the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP. Interviewed by Superguidatv, the former gieffina returned to talk about her experience in the Casa di Cinecittà. Experience also characterized by the special relationship born with Belen Rodriguez’s ex, Antonino Spinalbese:

With Antonino I created a beautiful relationship inside the house. We really loved each other and for this reason we often quarreled, because there was an affection at the base. Once we got out we went back to our lives and went our separate ways. With this I am not saying that there is no longer a relationship or that there is a grudge, on the contrary, if he needs me I will always be there but I am saying that our relationship has certainly changed and we have distanced ourselves, but that is right.

Giaele kept us at deny the alleged rapprochement under the covers with Antonino:

There was really never anything under the covers or anywhere else (…) I probably wouldn’t make my husband feel so bad, but I, from the inside, didn’t know everything that was going on outside. I should have sent him more signals to let him know that my feelings hadn’t changed. Unfortunately, my husband misunderstood some of my behaviors, coming to think that I was no longer in love with him and that I was questioning my feelings for him. That’s what made him angry and sick and he was afraid of what might happen by coming there to talk to me.

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About the other competitors of the Gf Vip, Giaele clarified his position towards Antonella Fiordelisiwith whom he often discussed in the famous Casa di Cinecittà:

Antonella and I are very different, that’s why we didn’t close in the house and now we’re not seeing each other. This is how it is today, but then never say never in life, only stupid people don’t change their minds.

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