Big Brother Vip, former competitor confesses: “Participating in the reality show was a mistake, you can’t be yourself”

Comedian Maurizio Battista returns to talk about his participation in Big Brother Vip.

Maurizio Battista surprised everyone with unexpected revelations. Guest of the Tintoria podcast hosted by Daniele Tinti and Stefano Rapone, the Roman comedian retraced some moments of his career, commenting on his participation in the reality show Big Brother Vip and in the talent show Dancing with the Stars.

Maurizio Battista displaces on the Gf Vip

Maurice Baptist he returned to talk about his experience in the Casa del Big Brother VIP. Guest of the Tintoria podcast, the likeable Roman comedian and actor recalled the path he revealed that going back, he would not do the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini again:

What is it like to be Big Brother Vip? Is a mistake. With this shit character I have, I’m going with 18 others of which 17 you don’t like. I was the only one, but I can’t stand myself that much either. You can’t say anything there, you can’t be yourself. I swear, I didn’t do it for the money, I worked… a month in there, one bathroom in 18, it looked like an autogrill. Then there are some unbearable characters. Those programs must be made by those who have neither art nor part.

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Closed the chapter Gf Vip, Battista spoke about his participation in dancing with the Stars:

I had fun, but I struggled a lot, my right leg wouldn’t lift. I did, but I’m not proud of it. The mistake is to seek visibility and notoriety (…) Not all those known are artists. Art is another thing. I had to go to Carlo Conti’s The Best Years, but I didn’t go, because television… what is its value? Live is another thing. Anyone can make TV, like cinema.

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