Beautiful Previews from 12 to 18 June 2023: Steffy is safe but is convinced that Liam is her husband. Hope is horrified!

Let’s find out together the Previews of the Episodes of Beautiful aired from 12 to 18 June 2023. Here is the summary of what will happen in the Episodes of the week.

Let’s find out together what will happen in the bets Of Beautiful in onda from 12 to 18 June 2023. Here they are Advances not weft of the episodes from the Soapthat there they will keep company in the afternoon slot, from about 13.45:

Episode aired on Monday 12 June 2023

Ridge is very shaken by how much happened between Sheila and Taylor And while he’s grateful to Carter for saving his ex-wife’s life, urges Hayes to be careful not to let your guard down with the redhead. The wolf loses his hair but not the vice and Sheila could prove, at any moment, the ruthless woman that she has always been her. Meanwhile Carter arrives at the hospital e joins Zendehappy to have him next to his family even in this difficult moment.

Episode aired on Tuesday 13 June 2023

Zende reveals to Carter Of intend to ask Paris to marry him and to know that he can count on the support of Grace, who is on his side. Both the Forrester and Paris and Carter they return to Forrester and the young stylist informs Eric and Quinn to have decided to try again with Buckingham. However, the latter is still quite attached to the Walton and joins him in her study, determined to understand why she is pushing her into Zende’s arms. Deacon instead, completely unaware of what’s going on, will show up at the hospital with the meaning of console Sheilaincreasingly desperate and worried. Taylor ammette a Ridge Of not being able to bear to see his daughter are a hospital bed. That vision it reminds her of her daughter Phoebe.

Episode aired on Wednesday 14 June 2023

Lo outburst of Paris and the his conversation with Carterwas overheard – unintentionally – from Quinn. Fuller understood that there was some tenderness between her ex-boyfriend and Buckingham. Quinn he decides to confront Carter and he, in response he admits that he misses her but not to want in no way to betray Eric again. Meanwhile Bridget informa Taylor That Steffy is getting better and that his health conditions are stable while Deacon continues to reassure Sheila. The Carter reports it Of saving Hayes’ life. Meanwhile Bridget informa Taylor That Steffy will remember everything sooner or later.

Episode aired on Thursday 15 June 2023

Taylor is very worried about Steffy e he asks Bridget with his daughter may not remember anything about what happened in the alley. Sheila overhears their conversation. Meanwhile Liam dice a Hope Of wanting to enter Steffy’s room againto stand next to her and talk to her. Brooke admits that definitely for his daughter it is not easy to see il husband so close to his ex-wife. Little Logan, however, reassures her; she has faith in Liam and also in Steffy. Carter and Quinn profess to miss each other While Steffymomentarily awakened from sleep, sees Liam and is happy Of have your husband next to you. For Spencer and Ridge it’s a big surprise. The Forrester she doesn’t remember marrying Finn.

Episode aired on Friday 16 June 2023

Taylor keeps asking Bridget with Steffy will never remember what happened and who shot her. The doctor can’t tell you for sure if and when it will happen. Sheilawho has been eavesdropping up to now, comes close to find out more e Taylor hugs her, believing that she is eager – like everyone – to find out who shot the two boys. Meanwhile in Steffy’s roomthe girl continues to consider Liam her husband. Bridget, having entered her room, realizes that the shock suffered by Forrester is so great that it made her forget that she married Finn and therefore left Liam. The doctor and Spencer will have to explain it to the whole family and for Hope it will not be good news. Meanwhile Carter and Quinn carry on In the say they are missing e Fuller admits to the Walton both of be happy that he and Paris are over and that between her and Eric there are still intimate problems.

Episode aired on Saturday 17 June 2023

Brooke would That Steffy was informed of the fact that Liam is no longer her husband ma Taylorsupported by Bridget, he tells her to be patient and don’t rush things. Steffy has lost her memory fending off the shock; it is a defensive mechanism that will soon resolve itself. Logan isn’t convinced and she thinks this situation highlights the girl’s fixation on her daughter’s husband. Hopeanxious, try to keep calm and shows up in her stepsister’s room to talk to her and to make sure what exactly she remembers. Steffyas told to Liam earlier, he remembers his little familyconsisting of her, Spencer and their Kelly, whom she asked to see as soon as possible. Bill’s sonto please her, shows up at the clinic with the baby and Steffy, seeing her so big, can’t understand how it could have happened. This seems very strange to her.

Episode aired on Sunday 18 June 2023

Brooke finds no peace e he keeps yelling at Taylor so that Someone tell Steffy that Liam isn’t her husband anymore. Hayes replies that time must be given time and that soon her little girl will remember everything. Steffy meanwhile it is happy to have Liam by his side and that he has seen Kelly and would like to spend some time alone with them. Hope has to leave the room and regrets what is happening. Lo Spencerafter taking Kelly home, thanks his wife for her patience and understands why his mother-in-law is so worried. Also Bridget congratulates her sister for his patience while Ridge urges Sheila to leave the hospital to go to rest and asks her the pleasure of don’t look to Taylor for help. Their union took place only because she attempted suicide and theirs, for many reasons, can never be healthy. Meanwhile the Detective Baker returns to the clinic e he asks to be able to question Steffywhich – with difficulty – promises to try to help him. Sheila watches the scene con great concern.

Beautiful it goes on air Channel 5, from Monday to Saturday at ore 13.45.

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