Aurora Ramazzotti, criticism from the haters because she will no longer breastfeed. But she answers like this!

Aurora Ramazzotti has decided not to breastfeed her son Cesare anymore. Here’s what she answered to the criticisms of the haters!

Still controversy for Aurora Ramazzottithe twenty-six-year-old daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti, who became the mother of the little one Caesar Augustusborn from the relationship with his partner Goffredo Cerza.

Aurora Ramazzotti, the choice not to breastfeed anymore causes criticism

Very active on social media, the young influencer and presenter told fans about her fears about pregnancy and also her first moments as a new mother. Aurora she can count on the help of her mother, the showgirl Michelle Hunziker, who was delighted to become a grandmother and never misses an opportunity to pamper her little grandson. However, as well as who she supports and admires Aurorathere are also those who, on the contrary, cannot help but criticize their choices: the latest criticism has been leveled at the Ramazzotti because he stated to wanting to stop breastfeeding your child.

In fact, the young woman showed herself in a story on Instagram as she gave the baby artificial milk in a bottle and the gesture it provoked criticism and attacks. Ironically, the new mother decided to respond to the haters, improvising a conversation with little Cesare, in which she explained the motivation behind her choice and trying to normalize her personal choice and that there are several conditions that could require you to nurture a infant with formula milk:

“Did they see you getting milk from the bottle and not from the breast? Mum had no more milk, but we still have to eat, therefore, Mum switched to formula milk, because there was no more, you had drained everything from her. It’s not true, he just didn’t have any left, sometimes it happens. It can happen, one tries, but anything is fine, it’s fine even if one doesn’t give it to one’s mother’s milk. And above all, one must not give unsolicited advice”

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