Who is Serena Autieri, Sara De Vito in A Place in the Sun?

Serena Autieri A Place in the Sun

You’re wondering who he played Serena Autieri in A Place in the Sun? The famous actress joined the cast of the soap opera set in Naples practically at the debut of the latter. In fact, the beloved Rai 3 series has accompanied us and excites us since 1996 and it was precisely in the early years of the soap that many appreciated and were impressed by the interpretation of the Italian actress. But who is the character she played in A Place in the Sun?

Serena Autieri age

Serena Autieri is originally from Napoli and was born on April 4, 1976. So, what is her age currently? In 2023 Serena completes 47 years old.

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Serena Autieri movies and TV series

Since she was a child, Serena has demonstrated an aptitude for ballet, singing and acting. After graduating she attended the Faculty of Architecture at the Federico II University. In the meantime she took part in various theatrical performances which trained her as an actress.

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In 1998 he entered the world of television, taking part in the cult soap opera of Rai 3, A Place in the Sun. From that moment on, his career took off. In 2001 you took part in the iconic program of Canale 5 Strangelovealongside the unforgettable Albert Chestnutand to the series West wind.

He held the role of valet, along with Claudia Gerinial Sanremo Music Festival 2003 conducted by Goofy Baudo and has acted in several highly successful films and dramas, such as Night before exams – Today; The honor and the respect; The abusive prince and many others. Thanks to her splendid voice, Serena participated in the Rai 1 talent show Such and which show and was chosen to voice Elsa in the Disney animated film Frozen the ice kingdom e Frozen – The secret of Arendelle.

Serena Autieri A Place in the Sun

In 1998, at only 22 years old, Serena Autieri was chosen to play the role of Sara De Vito in the soap opera A Place in the Sun. Sara was a young girl who dreamed of being a singer, so outgoing and self-confident on the outside, but fragile and sensitive inside. Thanks to Eleonora Palladini, Sara then managed to make her dream come true, but her troubled history with Michele and all the events that involved her, only increased her fragility. Sara’s character was present in the fiction until 2000, when the actress left the cast to devote herself to something else.

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