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New Amsterdam setting

Where is it filmed New Amsterdam? If you are a fan of medical drama then you cannot fail to know the TV series by license plate NBC starring the doctor Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold).

The series takes its inspiration from the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, and from the history of Bellevue Hospital of New York City, the oldest public hospital in America.

Waiting in Italia initially on Fox Life, the December 2, 2018 the first season of New Amsterdam instead it lands on Canale 5. The second season is also being broadcast in the clear, arriving on the Mediaset channel from January 14, 2020 for three unmissable evenings.

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Friday 3 June 2022 is then the turn of New Amsterdam 4, while it is fixed for Wednesday 7 June 2023 the airing of the fifth and last unmissable season of the hospital series. Where is it filmed, then, New Amsterdam 5?

Ryan Eggold in a scene from “New Amsterdam 3”.  Credits: Mediaset.
Ryan Eggold in a scene from “New Amsterdam 3”. Credits: Mediaset.

Where is New Amsterdam filmed?

New Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of medical drama most followed ever, also characterized by a set of particular locations. We recall that the project conceived by David Schulner is also a series of complaints, since the protagonist doctors try in every way to change the American hospital system, first of all the protagonist Max Goodwin. Discover the other protagonists of the series here!

In fact, we find ourselves inside an imaginary public hospital in New York, made up of really existing hospital spaces. So what are the real locations present in The New Amsterdam? Above all, the background to the TV series is the main hall where the protagonists meet, the one that belongs to the real hospital Bellevue at 462 First Avenue.

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Along with the scenes shot inside the Bellevue, we also find spaces belonging to the Kings County Hospital the Brooklyn et al Metropolitan Hospital of Harlem. It is therefore a question of real hospitals and not of scenes reconstructed on the set. We also recall that the same Eric Mannheimer, the writer of the book upon which the series is based, was the medical director of Bellevue for over thirteen years.

Il Bellevue Hospital it is also at the heart of this series for not a few reasons! Founded in 1766 with the aim of providing accessible medical care to all, the hospital is the first to house a Maternity Wardand the only one in the city to also have a Penitentiary Department.

Inside there is even a District Court where you can quickly handle legal issues related to patient needs. Doctors and patients can also avail the services of a libraryflanked by one public school which allows children hospitalized for a long time to continue their studies.

Furthermore, Bellevue Hospital is not only the first public hospital in America, but it is also the only one that has treated President of the United States of America and even some ambassadors of the United Nations. So here’s why New Amsterdam is inspired by the incredible stories contained in this place which is much more than just a hospital!

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