“We are the Little Fish”: The Jackal present the series coming to Prime Video

It will arrive on June 8 on Prime Video Small fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. On a budget, the 100% comedy The Jackal which recounts the ups and downs of a provincial communication agency: this is what the protagonists Fabio Balsamo, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Ciro Priello, Martina Tinnirello and the director Francesco Ebbasta told us.

Who are the small fish mentioned in the new series by license plate The Jackal? They are, of course, the less prestigious clients that a provincial communication agency still has to satisfy. But they are also The Jackal, by their own admission. The series Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budgetarriving June 8 on Prime Video with all 6 episodes making up season 1, it’s both a starting point and an ending point for them; because, despite the undeniable success achieved thanks to their viral videos and the numerous individual experiences in the world of entertainment, they still feel “small fish in a sea of ​​big fish, due to the attitude we have towards work”, he said Fabio Balsam. We met him and Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Ciro Priellola new entry Martina Tinnirello and the director Francesco Ebbasta that and presented the series to us, visibly excited to be back working together on a single project.

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Little Fishes: A great party 100% The Jackal

Produced by The Jackal with Mad Entertainment and in collaboration with Prime Video, Small fish is a series that director and co-creator Francesco Ebbasta proudly called “100% The Jackal” because all members of the group worked on it. For Ciro Priello it was “a great party” and even Ebbasta, a “jackal” of the first hour, is still surprised to work closely with his friends. “One thing that surprises me about The Jackal is the sensitivity, theirs is the most amazing talent I’ve met in my career,” said the director who also co-created the series with Alessandro Grespan and wrote the screenplay with Luca Vecchi and Stefano Di Santi.

Small fish

Surviving in a provincial agency

Small fish was born from a simple idea. “Where do small creators find the strength to get up at 7 in the morning to work for small customers such as the grocery store next door? How do they survive in a context of famous influencers aware that their work will not change the world?” explained Ebbasta. The protagonists of the series are Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora, friends and colleagues who juggle provincial brands and questionable influencers. Their quiet life in the agency takes a different turn when, from the headquarters of the agency, a downgraded manager arrives (played by Martina Tinnirello) determined to radically renew their way of working. For the actress, a newcomer “discovered” specifically for this series, “it was like entering the world of Wonderland, a constant surprise”.

The inspiration came above all from the work challenges faced by The Jackal themselves. In the series there are comic moments and jokes that draw inspiration from the real life of the protagonists, from bowl of snacks in the office to Fru’s vice, fixated with the voiceover to tell the lives of his friends. “When Instagram stories came out, I took out my cell phone and told others what to do, the great thing is that they really did it,” Fru recalled.

The pop references in Pisces Piccoli

Of course the reference model of Pesci Piccoli is also the workplace comedy to the The Office, which the writers also wanted to pay homage to in the fourth episode shot in the style of the mockumentary. “The series has many references to sitcoms with which we grew up. We can’t help but also confront the sacred monsters of Italian comedy, which often has an underlying bitterness, tells of discomfort. Because Italians need to laugh, a of himself. But then we also take a lot of liberties. The fifth episode is more drama, the sixth more absurd, “explained Ebbasta.

Small fish

Dall’esperienza The Jackal in Small fish many have arrived guest staryes Achilles Lauro a Giovanni Muciaccia. “It is part of our style to involve the stars”, observed Ciro while Aurora added: “Everyone brings a part of themselves and yet they do not play themselves but still play a character. They had the ability to immerse themselves in unprecedented contexts”. Achille Lauro, in the first episode, even got slapped by Martina. “He said ‘stronger, I’m used to’, he liked it,” joked Aurora.

“We have Naples inside”

The Naples of Small fish it is not what we are used to seeing in the many television products recently filmed in the city. Forget Vesuvius, pizza (here the poor creatives share the cheaper piadina) and the crime of Sea Out (“We’re like Mare Fuori but we’re all a little more polite,” Fru joked). The series is shot mainly indoors, so the “Neapolitan” character brings it. “We would never be able to tear ourselves away from Naples. We have it inside,” said Francesco Ebbasta. “It is a more unusual but nonetheless truly existing Naples. The city is present in different ways, far from stereotypes. It is an official and provincial Naples, which sees Monte Somma instead of Vesuvius”, observed Fabio Balsamo.

What are the dreams of the members of The Jackal? “Make 10 seasons of Small fish. We give our best when we are together. I hope this project has a long life”, Gianluca Fru said without hesitation. “I hope we will continue to do it for a long time, always having fun”, echoed Ciro. And then there are those who are still thinking about the last four May, dreaming even bigger “My dream? Never get lost. But sportingly I tell you the fourth championship of Napoli” concluded Fabio.

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