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Little Fish, The Jackal: “Snacks and laughter, proud of our first comedy series”

Little Fish, The Jackal: "Snacks and laughter, proud of our first comedy series"

“Yes, The Jackal means family”: Fabio Balsamo, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Ciro Priello, together with the revelation Martina Tinnirello and the director Francesco Ebbasta, tell about Pesci piccoli – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget. On Prime Video from June 8th.

Little Fish, The Jackal: 'Snacks and laughter, proud of our first comedy series'

During the press meeting, they repeat and underline it several times: “We are a family”. And it’s true. Because seeing them together reveals all their cohesion and passion, structured on the basis of a comedy that we could trivially define as intelligent, if it weren’t also original, indicative and representative.

Small fish

Little fish poster – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget

Needless to say theirs indeed “First Comedy Series” is already a success: Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget.conceived and interpreted by(i) The Jackaland available exclusively on Prime Video from 8 June, in fact demonstrates the inspiration and inventiveness of the Neapolitan content factory, always faithful to itself and to the formidable group, starting with Fabio Balsamo, Gianluca Fru, Aurora Leone, Cyrus Priello. “The first time we produce a series, in total we are twenty! And this time we are all…”Fru explains. Together with them, we also met Martina Tinnirello – newcomer, as well as the real protagonist of Small fish! – and the director Francesco Ebbasta, who created the Prime show together with Alessandro Grespan on a screenplay by Luca Vecchi and Stefano Di Santi.

The Jackal feat. Martina Tinnirello (which is a surprise!)

The plot? Everything revolves around a small communication agency, in which Ciro, Fabio, Fru and Aurora work. Between rites, traditions, friendship, the environment will be turned upside down by the arrival of a new creative, played by Martina Tinnirello, much less accustomed to teamwork and the playful atmosphere of the agency. If you’re wondering how the title came about, it’s all the same Ciro Priello to explain it: “We had no idea what to call the series. Aurora I proposed the name, being a small agency in a sea of ​​agencies. And we loved it!”. “This is our first comedy series because it’s the first one that actually goes platform”goes on.

Jackal Small Fish Hcegumd

Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget, the photo of The Jackal

If The Jackal are at their best, the presence of Martina Tinnirello: “It was wonderful to enter this world of Alice in Wonderland. I hadn’t done anything before this experience … and it was a surprise to face the set … it took me three days to understand what the dop was! “carrying on: “I was amazed, and I would like to continue working as a team. And live from my work, thinking about the present”. Over the course of the episodes, there are numerous gimmicks that, we bet, will become a sort of catchphrase. How were they born? He explains it Gianluca Fru: “The inspiration comes from real life. The container with snacks is in our offices, and other things come from other people’s stories”.

The Jackal at Comicon 2023 for Small Fish. An agency. Many Ideas. Little Budget, their new series

Humor, talent, Neapolitan style

Primevideo Little Fish 18

Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Low budget: a scene from the series

Fabio BalsamInstead, trust how important it is to be honest. Especially in a close-knit group like The Jackal. “We see each other every day, and on the set we are transparent. Even the points on which we disagree. Then Aurora wanted the bigger dressing room… and there was controversy there”. And it is then Aurora Leone who intervenes: “We were involved in the final part of the casting choice. The novelty? Martina has a breakthrough role, and she was fundamental. But she is so ironic that she is a character we like”. Still Aurora, she lingers on the various special guests who alternate in the six episodes that make up _Pesci piccoli: “From Achille Lauro to Herbert Ballerina, each guest brings something different”.

Primevideo Little Fish 19

Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Low budget: a scene

To support the humor of the group, the direction of Francesco Ebbastacapable of giving the series a certain breadth and a certain cut, resulting (very) effective from a visual point of view: “I knew The Jackal before they even existed”explains the director. “They have a heterogeneous talent, they have sensitivity in recognizing the value of the team. We wanted to tell the story of small provincial contexts, and tell those who work with social media without being recognized names. We tell the story of everyday life, and group dynamics. And then there’s it’s Naples, which is in the background, but the characters bring it with them. Then thinking of music, like Raiz and Gigi D’Alessio”.

“We are a family”

Primevideo Little Fish 20

Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget: a scene photo

As you will see, Small Fish – An agency. Lots of ideas. Little budget is full of quotes and references, organized in the most fluid and natural way possible: “The sit-com mechanism was tight for us, and gradually we change the tone. Episode four is a The Office-style mockumentary. And let’s reflect on the homage and on the copy”, declares Francesco Ebbasta. But what is The Jackal’s secret? There may simply not be, as Ciro recounts: “We talk about everything, even things we don’t like. After all, we’ve known each other for a lifetime. We haven’t tackled such a long project in a long time. We’ve done a lot, even alone. But I hope I can continue to tell stories. I think it’s the greatest strength we have. The Jackal is a family.”.

After all, for Aurora Leone the group means only one thing: “We have different experiences, but then we go home”. In conclusion, “It’s not just the budget that determines things. The mentality we have is to grow and learn. We are and will always be small fish. There is always someone bigger than you, and you have to be happy with what you do. Comedy helps to laugh at the problems. We need to fill ourselves with what we have, not with what we don’t have”Fabio reflects, in a philosophical impulse to which Fru counters: “Yeah, we’re like the Avengers!”.