Jason Segel recalls the times of How I Met Your Mother: «I was really unhappy»

How I Met Your Motherthe comedy series created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, has left an indelible mark on the serial scene. For nine seasons, we have followed a group of friends as they grew up, looked for love, cried and faced important challenges. The finale still continues to divide audiences, but that hasn’t dented the show’s important legacy. In recent years, the story has been reviving thanks to a spin-off starring Hilary Duff, How I Met Your Father. In the wake of Ted Mosby, Sophie also decided to tell her children about the exciting adventure that led her to meet their father. For the moment two actors from the original cast, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders, they made a cameo on the new show. We hope that too Josh Radnor, Jason Segel e Alyson Hannigan may reprise their roles in an episode of in the future How I Met Your Father.

Jason Segel recently reflected on the years he was filming How I Met Your Mother and how deeply unhappy he felt.

The actor made his debut this year in Bill Lawrence’s new TV series, Shrinking, in which he played a therapist grappling with the pieces of his life to rebuild. The show offered a Jason Segel the chance to return to the world of television comedy almost ten years after the end of How I Met Your Mother. Looking back on the years when the world knew him as loyal and likeable lawyer Marshall Eriksen, the star admitted those weren’t easy times for him.. In a confrontation that he has recorded for The Hollywood Reporter in the company of Steven Yeun, John Mulaney, Tyler James Williams and Mo Amer he said that in the most flourishing period of his career he was not as happy as he would have liked:

There was a time in my life and career, it must have been the last couple years of How I Met Your Mother, where things were booming in both film and TV, and everyone told me how well it was going, and I was really unhappy. Then I had to figure out why. What was wrong with this equation? Because I should have felt like I made it… and yet something was wrong.”

Jason Segel soon realized that his malaise stemmed from a creative dissatisfaction and understood that it was necessary to stop in order to carefully choose what to do next. She wanted to have more weight in the writing of her shows than she and especially taking risks, avoiding acting in facsimiles of his successes. In fact, he said:

At first, you’re just trying to make it. You have your foot on the accelerator, creatively, but the struggle I had was figuring out how to adapt it so that it became sustainable. At one point, I had to say, “Okay, you can take a couple months off, you can think about what you want to do next.” (…) It’s complicated. Part of the equation is getting to the point where you ask yourself, ‘What is it worth trading my time for? What will I give more than nine months or three years for?’ Because I look back on the projects I didn’t like and now I think, ‘They weren’t worth my time.’”

We will meet again the actor of How I Met Your Mother in the second season of the Apple TV+ TV series, Shrinking.

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