Isola dei Famosi, “You’re inventing everything!” Carlo Motta responds to the accusations of Gian Maria Sainato

After Carlo Motta’s proposal to Helena Prestes on L’Isola dei Famosi, Gian Maria Sainato intervened to criticize the situation, provoking a response from the castaway’s boyfriend. Here’s what happened.

In yesterday’s episode, May 5, de The Island of the Famous, Helena Prestes he received from his partner Charles Motta an engagement proposal complete with a ring. But one of the castaways from the reality show came to criticize the gesture, Gian Maria Sainatowhose words provoked the response of Motta.

Isola dei Famosi, Carlo Motta replies to the accusations of Gian Maria Sainato

After the proposal to the Brazilian model, the intervention of one of his shipwrecked colleagues arrived, Gian Maria Sainatoaccording to which the proposal of Motta it didn’t make any sense, since according to him Helena Prestes is in love with another man, not with Motta. His words provoked a piqued response from the person concerned, who published several stories on Instagram to respond to the shipwreck’s accusations.

Motta has published the stories to clarify to his followers his position on the words of Sainatoposting some photos with Helena and her family and stating the following:

“I wanted to congratulate Marco Mazzoli and Gian Maria Sainato for having invented such a beautiful story by mutual agreement. You have agreed, but I have nothing to hide. The stories I have posted speak for themselves”

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