Isola dei Famosi, the revelation of Helena Prestes: “I have my own secret plan to win”

Helena Prestes reveals her strategy for winning the tests at L’Isola dei Famosi.

Time to confessions and revelations on L’Isola dei Famosi. Before the direct of yesterday, Helena Prestes let herself go with Nathaly Caldonazzo to a series of confidences concerning the importance of winning the leader testso that it cannot be nominated by the other competitors of the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi.

Helena Prestes’ strategy

Helena Prestes has revealed her strategy for winning the trials at L’Isola dei Famosi. As reported by Biccy, the controversial Brazilian model confronted her playmate Nathaly Caldonazzo before the episode and taught her a meditation ritual to drive away negativity and triumph:

I have to win the test, otherwise they send me to nomination. I have my own secret plan to win. You must listen to me and do what I tell you. You must visualize the leader task and then write ‘win leader task’ in the sand. Then you take this sentence, close yourself inhale, hold and think quite the opposite. That is, you have to visualize ‘losing the trial, being nominated, exiting’ and then exhaling and throwing it all out. I love this is a very strong meditation. You stand up and write in the sand in front of you, think and write ‘winner of the new leader test’. Then afterwards you have to visualize the worst, the opposite, which is losing, risking going out…

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At that point, throw it all away. We really have to visualize you winning against Fabio and staying after the nomination and me winning the leader test. Trust this thing works. If we both do this powerful meditation who wins? It doesn’t matter, one of us for sure and that’s what matters. If we win, one of us can even nominate one of them and that’s important.

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