Idiots: The trailer for the restored version of Lars von Trier’s scandal film

One of the Danish director’s most provocative titles is back in a 4K restored version by MUBI, as will be the case for many other von Trier titles. We will also see them soon in the cinema thanks to Movies Inspired.

When, in 1995, he wrote the manifesto of the biggest joke in the history of contemporary cinema, that provocation called Dogma 95 in which many, many, both critics and directors have fallen with all shoes, Lars from Trier it was already Lars from Trier. Although the wave of destiny it will arrive only the following year: obviously filmed with a style that did not at all respect the canons imposed by the Dogma.
And yet, it is also true that the following Idiots it was the film that perhaps consecrated him as the director of scandal and provocation.
Idiots it is also the only Dogma film ever made by the Dane, who with that title seems to take aim at his chickens, those who took the poster very seriously: «The basic idea for the film came to me at the same time we wrote the manifesto. I thought about a group of people who choose to act like idiots, that’s all.”he said in that beautiful and revealing book interview that he is “Cinema as Dogma. Conversations with Stig Björkman”published about twenty years ago by Mondadori and unfortunately now out of print.
The fact is that Idiots is one of the films by from Trier That THE BAD ha restored to 4K and which will soon be proposed in streaming on its platform, and that – hopefully all goes as it should – we will also see in the cinema thanks to Movies Inspired as announced a few weeks ago by the same distribution.
Waiting to know more about the dates, here it is the trailer for Idiots in the original version restored in 4K.

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