Friends 22, Niveo is recognized by a taxi driver: the call to the singer’s fan wife

One of Amici’s singers, Niveo, was recognized by a taxi driver, who decided to call his wife, a great fan of the talent’s former student. Here’s what happened.

After Click e Gianmarcoprotagonists of a funny video with a taxi driver who had no idea who the singer from Romagna was Amici 22this time to be the protagonist of a hilarious situation is It’s snowing.

Friends 22, Niveo recognized by a taxi driver: the call with his wife, his fan

The former student of Lorella Cuccarini, eliminated from school shortly before the Evening, was the protagonist of a TikTok video posted by himself: while he was in a taxi, the singer was recognized by the taxi driver. The man, initially uncertain and afraid of committing a gaffe, initially said nothing, but then realizing who was in his taxi, called his wife, big fan of Niveo:

“Don’t fool me, do you know a certain Niveo? Yes? Where did you hear him? Oh Amici? No, because I have him in the car”

The singer then greeted the woman and the latter, with an excited voice, expressed her happiness and her esteem for the boy’s career in talent: “Congratulations, you were very good at Amici!”. The phone call ended with the taxi driver’s wife wishing him luck in his career, making the singer smile.


taxis are magical places

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