Friends 22, Aaron: “In school I was many times alone with myself, your letter gave me the reason to go on”

Aaron recalls his experience at the famous Amici school.

Aaronstage name of Edoardo Boari, was one of students of the twenty-second edition of Amici. Interviewed by Superguidatv, the young Umbrian singer and musician spoke about his experience in the famous Canale 5 schoolof meeting with Maria De Filippi and of his relationship with music.

Aaron’s confession

A few weeks after the final of Amici 22, Aaron released a new interview to Superguidatv in which he recalled his long experience in Maria De Filippi’s talent show. An experience intended forformer student of Rudy Zerbi who revealed that he has met many difficulty:

At Amici I was often alone with myself, too many times. I suffered from this. I had a lot of help, but I didn’t have my loved ones close by, the people who have always been there in my life, I didn’t have the person who then took over my life two years ago, Silvia. So I was also too alone, I reflected a lot. “Universale” is not a place to be alone with ourselves, it is taking care of yourself but together with others. For me, well-being with oneself also passes through the well-being of others, of taking care of others.

I would even say the most difficult moments. Especially at night, I find it hard to sleep in places other than my home, then I got used to it. The best moment was when I had the awareness that television, the camera, could be an opportunity and not a sort of “problem”. When I saw that by communicating the truth, and quietly myself, I was able to convey a strong, impactful message. That was the best moment, the one in which I freed myself of so many things and wanted to just be myself.

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Aaron also talked about letter received from his fiancée Silvia during the Amici evening:

That letter arrived at a precise moment, it seemed made on purpose. Many times I thought about saying enough, not to do it anymore. When I got that letter, it was a pretty down time for me. From that moment I understood that all my projects, and the reason why I joined Amici, existed. There I also wrote a song with a title just like that. That letter gave me the reason to go ahead and continue, even if with great effort.

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