Emma Marrone at lunch with Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez: the photo is viral

If Emma Marrone’s words weren’t enough to convince the web of her friendship with Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, perhaps the most skeptical will change their mind in front of the photo of the three of them at lunch together. Let’s see together what we know!

After the performance of Emma Brown at the scudetto party, rumors had spread of a friction with Stephen DeMartinoher former historian and presenter of the event: the singer, in fact, after her performance had slipped away without even a greeting to the presenter.

Emma Marrone, Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez having lunch together

To deny rumors of an alleged chill with her ex, Emma has decided to publish a clarification on his Instagram profile: through stories he strongly denied any rumors of possible friction with De Martino, declaring that she hadn’t and certainly wouldn’t run away from someone she loves and is proud of. Already a few days ago, Emma e Belen Rodriguez they had published a selfie together, after the singer’s fall at Le Iene, where she had been a guest: the photo had gone around the web and was enthusiastically welcomed by fans of the Argentine showgirl and the singer.

Today, comes a further confirmation that between the three there are cordial and serene relations: on social media, in fact, a fan posted a shot that portrays all three of them together at lunch, serene and in great harmony. It is a recent shot, of the trio’s stay in Naples after the celebrations for the victory of the third Napoli championship.

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