Captain America 4, the first photo from the set with Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford reveals the new title of the film

Captain America 4 changes its title, as shown in the first photo from the set with Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie!

Captain America 4 officially changes its title, as demonstrated by the first official photo from the set shared by its protagonist, Anthony Mackie. The film will show the new Cap, Sam Wilson, in action following the events of the Disney+ miniseries Falcon and the Winter Soldier, in which the former Falcon accepted the legacy of Steve Rogers’ shield and assumed the title of Captain America.

Captain America 4, the film changes its title as it reveals the first official photo from the set

The plot of the film, directed by Julius Onah, is currently top secret, but from some photos from the set, fans have hypothesized that the film could mark the entry of the mutants into the MCU: it seems, in fact, a gigantic island was built on the set which made us think of the Celestial Tiamut, whose Emergence was blocked by the Eternals in the Eternals ending. According to some theories, adamantium will be obtained from Tiamut, the indestructible metal with which Wolverine’s skeleton is covered.

Some faces familiar to MCU fans will return to the film, such as Liv Tyler, Betty Ross from The Incredible Hulk, Carl Lumbly will be Isaiah Bradley again, already met in the Falcon miniseries. But the film will also mark the debut of the new Falcon/Joaquin Torres, played by Danny Ramirez, that of Harrison Ford as the President of the United States, General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross and we will also see Rosa Salazar as the villain Diamante. Filming for the film is currently underway in Atlanta and from the film set comes the first official photo of the film with Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford and which also reveals the change of title of the film. The film, in fact, will arrive at the cinema with the title of Captain America: Brave New World.

The photo was posted by Mackiewhich he added accompanying the shot showing him with his colleague:

“When Harrison tells you how to rock ic***, you listen. Thanks for the wisdom on set and the laughs, my friend. I can’t wait to do it again. Captain America 4: Brave New World will be in theaters on May 3, 2024.”

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