Big Brother Vip, has the crisis returned between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Petrelli?

Peace of mind seems to have returned between Giulia Salemi, the GFVip social media expert, and Pierpaolo Petrelli. Let’s see the details together!

It seems to have returned – if it ever really was – there crisis between the two faces of Big Brother VIP, Julia Salemi e Pierpaolo Petrelli.

GFVip, crisis over between Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Petrelli

In recent weeks, several rumors and gossips had signaled an ongoing crisis between Julia Salemi e Pierpaolo Petrelli: the couple had been having dinner together in a restaurant, but they had sat at different tables. Even the mother of the influencer had intervened, to ask for respect for the private matters of the two boys, but the gossip had not subsided.

Today, however, the two went to the same hairdresser, even if not together, for a moment of relaxation. To these stories on Instagram, then, are added the words of Amedeo Venza, who reported that the Prelemi hairstylist would have confided that he had seen the couple very much in love and close-knit. Finally, it seems that Amedeo Rosica, another gossip expert announced in a live broadcast that the two would have reunited after a period of crisis, thus confirming that there was an actual negative moment between them. The couple, however, continue to keep the matter under wraps for now these continue to be only rumors.

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